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Poll: Should Parking Enforcement Have To Feed The Meter?

A City of Chicago Department of Revenue vehicle used to transport Parking Enforcement Aides parks without feeding the meter in Wicker Park.

Should City of Chicago Department of Revenue vehicles have to feed the parking meter when parked on city streets?

That’s the question The Expired Meter asks after capturing these photos of a vehicle being used to transport Parking Enforcement Aides (PEA) to the Wicker Park neighborhood recently.

As one can see in the photo, the vehicle is parked adjacent to a parking meter pay box along the 1500 block of North Milwaukee Ave.

The photo closeup of the windshield posted below, clearly shows no parking meter receipt is being displayed.

Are city employees who write expensive parking tickets to others who allow their meter receipts to be held to the same standard as the rest of us?

Should DOR vehicles be allowed to park illegally and/or not feed parking meters

A parking ticket for an expired meter is $65 to $50 depending on the part of the city a car is parked.

According to Department of Finance spokesperson Holly Stutz, all municipal vehicles parking in a metered spot must feed the meter. That is unless the vehicle is engaged in an emergency situation or is part of an active investigation.

“Yes, they can be ticketed,” said Stutz when asked about municipal vehicles in general. “DOF trains enforcement staff to use good judgment and discretion recognizing active emergency situations or investigation being conducted.”

But in this case, there’s no emergency nor an active investigation going on–unless writing parking tickets qualifies as an “investigation.”

In other words, who’s watching the watchdogs?

In the past, it didn’t make much sense for city vehicles to feed the meters since it would be like taking money from one pocket and transferring it to the other. But now, the city doesn’t control the parking meters for the next 70 years due to the parking meter lease deal which essentially sold off Chicago’s parking meter system for $1.16 billion in 2008. Technically, even city vehicles need to feed the meters.

So does it make sense that these Department of Revenue (now the Department of Finance)  vehicles should have to feed the meters like everyone else or are they hypocrites for not following the rules they enforce?

What are your thoughts? Take the poll above and write your comments below.

Windows Of 20 Cars Smashed In South Loop

It’s no joke.

Many drivers in the South Loop neighborhood woke up April 1st to find the windows of their cars smashed.

DNA Info Chicago reports 20 vehicles parked along South Wabash Avenue had their windows smashed in the early morning hours of April Fool’s Day.

Unfortunately, none of these motorists are laughing.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “Vandal Strikes 20 Cars on April Fools’ Day in South Loop.