Wrong Way Driver Crash Shuts Down Lake Shore Drive For Hours

The aftermath and wreckage of the early morning crash on Lake Shore Drive. Photo courtesy and copyright Erica Demarest and DNA Info Chicago.

A wrong way driver caused a major crash killing two people and closing down the southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive early Friday morning.

According to DNA Info Chicago, around 4 AM, a possibly drunk driver entered the southbound lanes of LSD at La Salle Street and ended up striking two other vehicles between Belmont and Diversey around 4 AM Friday.

The southbound lanes were subsequently closed to investigate the crash. However, the closure causes major rush hour delays all over the city’s Northside.

With traffic unable to gain access to Lake Shore Drive, traffic backed up for blocks and in some cases miles along both major arteries and side streets.

Lake Shore Drive was re-opened around 9 AM.

The driver of the wrong way vehicle survived and was hospitalized.

Here’s DNA Info Chicago’s full story, “Wrong-Way Driver Caused Fatal Lake Shore Drive Crash, Cops Say.”

UPDATE: Saturday, an off duty police officer from suburban North Chicago was criminally charged in connection with this fatal car crash according to DNA Info Chicago.

5 Responses to Wrong Way Driver Crash Shuts Down Lake Shore Drive For Hours

  1. Rose Filanowicz says:

    If this survivor was drunk he will reap what he sowed. I am sorry for the other families losses.

  2. DoR Employee says:

    PER Information from a Source at the Lodge 7..

    North Chicago, Illinois Police Officer was the cause of the Crash…

    Blood Tox Screen pending…but prelim info is the Off Duty Cop failed the Field Sobriety Alcohol test. No Charges have been filed as of this day…but the officer has been placed on Unpaid Admin Leave and Stripped of his Police Powers pending the outcome of the investigation.

  3. Greg says:

    Reports are he got on at North Ave, and the accident happened between Diversey and Belmont. That means he drove the wrong way for a mile and a half.

    Something has to be incredibly wrong to drive that far the wrong way and not realize it.

  4. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    This entire thing is VERY sad.

    Two lives snuffed out. A woman injured. And the driver, a policeman no less, has ruined his life and possibly his family’s life. An F-ing shame.

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