Two Parking Tickets Issued To Car With Dead Driver?

It looks like police officers in Kalamazoo, MI may not be very observant.

Originally reported by local news website, a man was found dead in the drivers seat of his car, but slumped over the passenger seat. Two parking tickets were affixed to the car.

The man was discovered mid-morning last Thursday, but two parking tickets had been issued in the early morning hours for two consecutive days before his body was find.

The prevailing theory seems to be the tickets were issued with the dead man inside. But it has not been officially confirmed.

Here’s the full story, “Dead man’s truck had 2 parking tickets on windshield.”

3 Responses to Two Parking Tickets Issued To Car With Dead Driver?

  1. barnet says:

    And he has to appear in court too.


    Not surprising. Bet it was a drive by.

  3. Drew says:

    Those don’t happen much in the Zoo.

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