Tribune Columnist Assists Drivers With Parking Ticket Problems

Chicago Tribune Problem Solver columnist Jon Yates

Chicago Tribune columnist Jon Yates is the Problem Solver.

Yates’ entire work existence is helping consumers get some sort of justice when wronged by companies or government bureaucracies.

Of course, if you own a car in Chicago, parking tickets is one of these chronic issues which come up regularly in his What’s Your Problem column.

Yates has an update in his most recent article including a woman who has received over 50 tickets for parking in a no parking zone despite the fact she was parked legally.

After a lull in the steady stream of tickets she experienced last summer, she tells the Trib the tickets have started up again.

The good news is, she’s become very experienced at fighting these tickets having won 51 of the 51 parking tickets she contested.

The Tribune also spotlights a driver who received a ticket for an expired meter at 6:03 PM although enforcement actually ended at 6 PM. He paid the ticket, but with the help of the Problem Solver, the city agreed to refund his payment.

It took a while, but he finally got his 50 bucks back.

Here’s the full column, “Problem Solver: Updates on parking tickets, insurance refund, model dinosaur.”

2 Responses to Tribune Columnist Assists Drivers With Parking Ticket Problems

  1. DoR Employee says:

    Story is behind their firewall. Can you paste it here?

  2. DoR Employee says:

    Never mind… Got it to load.

    The CPD is partially correct. There is a 6am to 6pm Loop parking ban. BUT…the ordinance is specific on which streets and what the specific boundaries are.

    And the geek has it on this site:

    9-64-180 Restricted parking – Area bounded by Chicago River, Michigan Avenue and Harrison Street.

    (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), it is unlawful to park any vehicle at any time…on any of the following streets: Washington Street, Madison Street and Monroe Street, between State Street and Michigan Avenue; Adams Street and Jackson Boulevard, between Canal Street and Michigan Avenue; Dearborn Street, Clark Street and LaSalle Street, between Washington Street and Jackson Boulevard; and Wacker Drive, from Franklin Street to Van Buren Street.

    So I don’t see Randolph mentioned. As such, the CPD is knowingly writing illegal tickets because Finance Pea’s are not allow to write that ordinance with out posted signs.

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