Optimism Hand Held Cell Phone Ban Will Pass State Senate

Will a statewide ban on using a handheld cell phone while driving pass the Illinois State Senate this year?

The bill passed the Illinois House recently 64-46.

Now the bill is in the Senate and the chief sponsor there,  Sen. John Mulroe (D-Chicago) is pretty confident it will pass there this time around according to the Daily Herald.

There is still some opposition from Republicans, who feel the ban on using a cell phone without a headset or some other hands free technology is too restrictive and difficult to enforce. Some opposed to the ban in the Senate ask if a ban on other types of distracting behavior like arguing with your spouse or drinking coffee will the next behaviors to be banned.

Sen. Kirk Dillard R-Hinsdale) doesn’t think it has enough votes to pass.

The piece does a solid job of touching on all aspects of distracted driving and the dangers it poses.

Read Marni Pyke’s very comprehensive story on the bill and distracted driving in general, “Proposed hand-held ban puts distracted driving back in the hot seat.”

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