Less Potholes On Chicago Streets This Winter, But More To Come

Chicago drivers, and their vehicles, are encountering less potholes this winter.

At least that’s what numbers from the Chicago Department of Transportation are saying according to a story at DNA Info Chicago.

The city says city streets are on pace to experience the least number of potholes in the past four years. Mainly due to the mild winter and decline in the number of freeze/thaw cycles this winter. When water gets into cracks in the pavement and freezes, it expands and then weakens the integrity of the asphalt.

Here’s what DNA Info Chicago says:

For the 2012-2013 “pothole season,” which started in November, CDOT has received 13,043 customer service requests from city residents and has filled 143,474 potholes. Last season, the department received 24,066 requests and filled 239,730 potholes. If March numbers this season are close to the average, this winter could be the least severe in at least four years.

But don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. CDOT officials say that March is typically the number one month for potholes.

Here’s Quinn Ford’s story over at DNA Info Chicago, “Fewer Potholes So Far This Season, But Worst Is Yet to Come.”

One Response to Less Potholes On Chicago Streets This Winter, But More To Come

  1. Drew says:

    We’d have less Potholes period if CDOT bought the proper materials to FIX the roads the first time…and didn’t patch the holes during Cold and Shit weather with Cold Pack crap asphalt.

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