Illinois Tollway Fines Family $27,000 For $210 In Missed Tolls

If you think loan sharks are bad, try the Illinois Tollway Authority.

According to a CBS 2 Investigation, the Illinois Tollway Authority assessed $27,000 in fines for $210 in missed tolls.

The problem is, the family does two I-PASS accounts. But the family says the tollway made a clerical error. After their credit card was stolen, they called the Tollway Authority to update his I-PASS account, but customer service only updated one of their two I-PASS accounts.

Somehow, in the last few months, fines, penalties and interest skyrocketed making the original $210 in tolls, now over $27,000 or a 12,000 percent increase. Yikes!

Here’s the full story from CBS 2 News, “2 Investigators: Tollway Fines Family $27,000.”

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  1. Jeff says:

    Voters in several states vote against automatic tolling; vote against redirecting dedicated funds away from road projects:

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