IDOT Minutemen: Expressway First Responders

Check out this very interesting video about the Illinois Department of Transportation’s “Minute Men.”

You know, those guys in the big, florescent yellow tow trucks who patrol the expressways around Chicago (and St. Louis) to make sure disabled vehicles or vehicles involved in a crash or accident are cleared from traffic ASAP.

IDOT says vehicles stranded on the roadway for any reason, but in particular accidents, not only slow down traffic but pose a risk of another crash in the traffic behind the initial incident. So it’s in the best interest of IDOT to resolve these issues and clear the scene as quickly as possible.

8 Responses to IDOT Minutemen: Expressway First Responders

  1. Sandy Manning says:

    I would like to thank the IDOT Minute MAN who helped us when our car broke down on the entrance ramp to the Stevenson Expressway from the Dan Ryan. Out of nowhere came this flouresant green truck to save the day. We were traveling from Indiana, in an unfamiliar place, with a disabled car on a busy expressway. Without hesitation, the driver pulled into position, hooked up our car and wisked us off of the dangerous road into a nearby parking lot so we could rationally make decisions and arrangements to get our car towed and get us back home. We wanted to give him money but he would not accept it. I asked if he had a card so I could send a written a note of appreciation but he said he had no card. As quickly as he appeared, he was gone. Minute Men is an appropriate name but I can’t help but call our guy our hero! Thank You!

  2. Kevin Kete says:

    Kudos to your Minuteman, Truck 937, for rescuing me last night (October 24th). As I was coming off of Harlem Avenue to head west on the Eisenhower Expressway, my right front tire blew. I was able to get to the bottom of the ramp and attempted to change the tire but…my spare was flat!. It’s 6:30 pm,dark, I’m in an unfamiliar area trying to return to Glenview and totally at a loss as to what to do. Very stressed out, maybe even frightened. All of a sudden, Truck 937 arrives, parks behind me in a manner to protect me and my car from the rush hour traffic and then your Minuteman took care of everything (put air in the spare, put it on and then we discovered my battery had died; no, problem, he had it charged) AND was extremely courteous, pleasant and most of all patient with my seemingly bewilderment and managed to keep me relaxed with some very light hearted banter. He then advised me on what to do if that spare began to lose it’s air on my way back to Glenview (another 25 miles via the I-294 TriState Tollway).Whew! All I want to do is express how grateful I am to him and IDOT’s Minutemen program

  3. Lisa Winans says:

    I will never be able to thank enough the Minuteman who helped me today. I wish I had asked his name. His truck number was 938. My daughter and I were driving on 90/94 when we were hit by a semi-truck. We spun around and ended of facing the wrong way in traffic. Thankfully we were able to get off to the side. Amazingly no one was hurt. I was completely shaken and trying to hold it together for my daughter. I kept thinking about how awful it could have been. When the Minuteman arrived I tried to put on my matter of fact business face. He looked at me and realized how shaken I was. He took my hand and said “Its going to be ok.” Thank moment of human kindness was so deeply touching and exactly what I needed. He helped get both my car and the semi safely to the accident report site. Before he left he made sure that my heat was working so my daughter and I would not be cold as we waited for the police to arrive. If he had just helped us after the accident I would have been grateful for this program. He went above and beyond to make sure we were alright.
    Thank you

  4. Anne says:

    A special thank you to Minute Man John Stuart, who was a lifesaver today. I had a flat tire early this morning at an especially busy merging of several expressways. John actually pulled up within 5-10 min of the flat and offered his assistance. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate the tool needed to release my spare – so I told him I would wait for my motor club – and he went on his way. My motor club was of no assistance what so ever – even when I told them I found the necessary tools – and after nearly 2 hours- finally told me to call 911. When I did – every person I spoke with (911 dispatcher / state police / IDOT) was courteous and efficient. They said someone would be right there – and within minutes the MinuteMan truck pulled up. It was John Stuart – the same gentleman who had stopped originally. He was kind, efficient and skillful – and had the tire changed in a very short time and I was able to get safely on my way to work. Thanks to John – and to IDOT For the ingenious idea to use our tax dollars to do something so valuable – much appreciated!!

  5. Dawn says:

    Thank you to Rich in truck #26 for changing my flat tire today. I had a flat on the Eisenhower and he came along within about 5 minutes of me stopping my car. He got the tire changed and escorted me back into traffic. I TRULY appreciate his professionalism and kindness! Thank you!

  6. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dawn!

    Those Minutemen dudes do great work.

  7. Anthony McPherson says:

    I like to recognize and thank Jerome #93. My roadside service was going to take 45minutes. I had a flat tire on Eisenhower Expy he responded immediately. He changed the tire and lead me back to the road. Thank You.

  8. Di Quynn Reno says:

    Thank to Minutemen #62 in truck #956 who changed a tire on our rental vehicle on Friday, April 24 during rush hour on Route 55. He was wonderful and so efficient.

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