Double-Parked Driver Gets Shot In The Head

Don’t double-park or you may get a bullet in the head.

That’s seems to be the moral of the story from an altercation on the South Side around 4 AM Sunday morning.

According to a report in Huffington Post Chicago, a driver was double-parked on a side street in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood when another driver approached and tried to drive past.

Although some reports say there was enough room for other cars to pass, the driver of one car got in a heated argument with the double-parked driver and his female passenger.

The gunman shot the driver while he was outside the car. The gunshot victim then ran into an alley before being picked up by an ambulance.

Perhaps, there is a lesson in this story.

That less is: if at all possible don’t double-park. And if do and you’re asked to move your car to let other cars pass, maybe you should take a quick ride around the block instead of arguing.

Many drivers feel they have a right to block traffic and inconvenience others by double-parking. Often, legal parking spots are nearby. Walking a few feet or even a block never hurt anyone.

In a pinch, drivers could pull into the open spaces adjacent to a fire hydrant, if you have to pull over for just a moment.

The good news is, the driver who was shot is expected to recover.

But our guess is he won’t be double-parking any time soon.

Here’s the Huffington Post’s roundup of news accounts covering this story, “Man Double-Parked Shot In Head: Cops Say Dispute Over Parking Sparked Gun Violence.”

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5 Responses to Double-Parked Driver Gets Shot In The Head

  1. CL says:

    I hate when people double park on my street and expect me to drive around — my street is so narrow that you CAN get by a double parked car, but you have no margin for error, so if I’m off by a couple of inches I’m going to end up hitting a car and being responsible for the damage. It’s very rude to put someone in that situation for your own convenience.

    That said, obviously violence is never justified. But I imagine more was going on with the shooter than the double parking situation (like that he’s a raging psyco). This is like those “husband murders wife over remote” stories. Okay, maybe that was a factor, but more was going on there than the stupid dispute.

  2. Icarus says:

    don’t double park. Also, don’t shoot people for double parking. If you cannot resolve your non-life threatening problem without resorting to violence, you are the one with the bigger problem.

  3. B says:

    Backwards american courtesy strikes again I suppose. Someone blocks travel and expects other people to be polite to them. Other people to say ‘excuse me’ and beg their permission to proceed. That’s how it becomes an argument. One person tells them how rude they are for blocking and the blocker doesn’t get out of the way or even apologize but argues they have every right to block everyone else.

    The blocker’s idea of ‘can get by’ is usually really distorted… as in if you’re not off by a half inch on either side yeah, you can ‘get by’.

  4. Pete says:

    I bet the injured double-parker was ticketed before being taken to the hospital.

  5. Debillw3 says:

    B, I know I’m a year and a half late, but that’s a REALLY twisted view, considering this isn’t about someone expecting “other people to be nice to them” but, rather, expecting other people to not shoot them in the head.

    That really doesn’t seem like such a high bar.

    If you see no difference between being nice to a person and not shooting them in the head, I suggest you get some psychiatric help, as the two things are quite different.

    I’d also suggest that psychiatric help on the grounds that your entire comment is condemning the practice of double parking and, by writing it off as “an argument” & an expectation of “other people to be nice”, seemingly condoning shooting someone in the head for double parking, which is quite disturbing.

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