$14,000 In Parking Tickets Keeps Cabbie From Renewing License

Driving a taxi is hard work.

Long hours, little pay and often, parking tickets makes being a cab driver a challenging profession.

Parking tickets come with the territory as often, overly aggressive ticket writers will issue cabs tickets when they’re loading or unloading passengers–especially downtown–even though the law allows them to do this in most cases.

Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell spotlights one driver in particular for the large volume of parking tickets and fines he’s amassed as a hack–$14,000 worth.

Unfortunately for this driver, his parking ticket debt is preventing him from renewing his city taxi license.

Last year, he was on a payment plan, according to the story, which allowed him to renew his license last year. But subsequently, he failed to make payments, racked up more tickets and now has a huge debt and no way to earn a living–at least as a taxi driver.

Here’s Mitchell’s column in the Sun-Times, “Cabbie unable to renew license because of $14,000 in parking tickets.”

3 Responses to $14,000 In Parking Tickets Keeps Cabbie From Renewing License

  1. Drew says:

    There are certain Signs and Areas that no one is allowed to stop/stand to pickup or drop off passengers..

    Any Tow Zone Sign that says “No Stopping or Standing”
    Rush Hour Signs that say “No Stopping/Standing”
    Fire Hydrants are never a smart Move for any reason.
    Double Parking/Standing
    Bike Lanes
    Bus Lanes (think of the Signs up and down Dearborn in the Loop for example)
    Or Just STOPPING in a Lane of Traffic (not even pulling over to the Curb) to grab a Fare or drop off a Fare “because thats where the Fare wanted to get out.”

    And yes….You are permitted to Stop to expeditiously load or unload a passenger in a Tow Zone or a Bus Stop or on a Meter. But you must keep in mind that it is “Expeditious Loading/Unloading” and that is the Legal View Point of the Enforcement Official.

    I have a Little Sympathy for the Above Driver. BUT…the Majority of Taxi drivers in this city are actually a public menace in the way they operate their vehicles.

  2. B says:

    Because of how government restricts the taxi business I suppose having sympathy for this guy comes down to if he has his own cab or is just a working stiff driving a cab for a company. The way cabbies drive (and park) doesn’t help either, but the same is true of CTA bus drivers and CPD.

  3. Pete says:

    I have zero sympathy for the guy. With this many UNPAID tickets, he is just a typical cabbie who thinks he’s immune from traffic laws. F him.

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