Tribune Investigation Upends Redlight Camera Company

Chicago may soon be saying goodbye to Redflex Traffic Systems.

That’s because the Chicago Tribune is reporting more details about a scandal at the company which currently holds the contract for the city’s multi-million dollar red light camera program.

Redflex has been under investigation by the Chicago Inspector General’s office for an alleged ethical lapse after previous revelations by the Tribune in October. The newspaper reported the company had paid for luxury hotel accommodations for John Bills, a former deputy commissioner at the Department of Transportation who oversaw the city’s RLC program.

At the time, the company admitted the problem but claimed in was an isolated incident.

But according to the Tribune, an independent audit of Redflex’s business dealings in Chicago seems to indicate a much larger pattern of corrupt behavior where company officials spent thousands of dollars entertaining Bills with trips to the Super Bowl and other sporting events.

These revelations have forced the resignation of several top company officials, caused the halt of stock trading of Redflex’s parent company on the Australian stock exchange and most likely will take the company out of contention for the re-bidding of the city’s red light camera program.

The current contract, which expired on January 31st, was extended for six months to allow the IGO to complete it’s investigation and allow Redflex to bid again on the city’s red light camera contract.

The initial ethical problem caused the city to disqualify Redflex from bidding on Chicago’s new speed camera program. It’s probably even more likely, since the most recent revelations, the city may do the same to Redflex with the RLC contract bid.

Here’s the Tribune’s report, “Chicago scandal leads to shake-up at red-light camera firm.”

Hat tip to Scott Davis and Barnet Fagel for pointing out the story.

5 Responses to Tribune Investigation Upends Redlight Camera Company

  1. Jeff says:

    Once it became known that Redflex lobbyist Greg Goldner was Rahm Emanuel’s piggy bank, it was obvious that the whole arrangement was crooked. Any deal Tiny Dancer gets his greasy four and a half fingers on is sure to be a scam.

  2. Greg says:

    Jeff -

    The redlight cameras were in existence long before Rahm was mayor…

  3. Jeff says:


    The Greg Goldner connection came to light after Rahm became mayor, and at the time the City Council was “debating” speed cameras. Redflex was in the running to get the contract if the speed cameras were approved. A Chicago Tribune story broke at that time, pointing out that Redflex’s lobbyist, Greg Goldner, just happened to be one of Mayor Emanu-FAIL’s major financial backers. Purely a coincidence of course.


  4. Tom Greene says:

    Search Facebook for Robin Hood of Keene

    He is the parking meter Robin Hood in Keene NH.

    Actually its about 10 Robin Hoods that go out and feed the meters.

    There are some great videos. Keene NH is really sticking it to the man, they also post over at freekeene dot com.

  5. barnet says:

    There’s a Notice of Violation Redflex won’t soon forget, and this bites big time!

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