Snowstorm Making For Some Rough Driving Tuesday

In another poorly timed snowstorm, God or nature has scheduled a heavy snowfall just ahead of Chicago’s evening rush hour.

Based on the rate of the snowfall, it should be a pretty brutal drive home tonight.

Snowplows have already been deployed according to Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesman Anne Sheahan on main thoroughfares but with the National Weather Service saying snow will continue falling until 9 PM, road conditions will continue to be slippery and slow going.

“We began the day with 75 on the street and now have all 284 trucks on the road,” said Sheahan. “In addition to our full fleet, we added extra resources to the south side to ensure residents can get to their polling places. Snow removal is going well, we’re making progress on the mains and will continue to focus on the mains until the snow subsides.”

Sheahan says snowplow crews are doing their best to remove the falling snow, but that the evening rush hour will slow down the process.

“Our trucks can only move as fast as traffic, so we will be moving slower during the rush hour, but we will be out there,” said Sheahan. “We ask people to be patient, drive according to conditions and be extra cautious around our trucks.”

The Illinois State Police are also recommending drivers to be patient and drive more carefully during the commute home.

“Motorists should take every precaution to help protect those who work to keep our roads safe, by yielding to emergency vehicles. The Move Over law requires drivers to change lanes, or reduce speed and proceed with caution when approaching stationary emergency vehicles displaying flashing warning lights,” said Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lemming. “Reducing speed, avoiding distractions, and practicing safe driving habits are crucial in the winter months,” he added.

The Illinois Tollway has put its entire fleet of 182 snowplows on the tollway systems’ 286-miles of road.

“The Tollway’s full fleet of snowplows is out on the roads working to clear the way for tonight’s challenging evening commute,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. “If you must drive tonight, we remind all motorists to drive carefully and don’t follow snowplows or other vehicles too closely.”

Sheehan would not say whether both main streets and side streets would be cleared in advance of tomorrow morning’s rush hour commute.

“We will be making every effort,” said Sheahan. ” Our progress depends on the weather.”

One Response to Snowstorm Making For Some Rough Driving Tuesday

  1. Jeff says:

    I wonder if any of Rahmbo’s precious new bike lanes actually got plowed/cleared yesterday. My side street sure didn’t. Seems like Streets and San has done a mostly half-assed job on the side streets for the last several years, at least in my neck of the woods (Buena Park).

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