Parking Meter Rate Change Begins After Month Delay

Crews for Chicago Parking Meters increase the rates on a parking meter pay box near Wrigley Field in 2011.

After a month delay, Chicago drivers are finally starting to see increased parking meter rates that were originally expected to take place in January.

Work crews for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC began the task of increasing the metered parking rates for each of over 4000 parking meter pay boxes across the city this past week.  Workers began the project in the Loop, where the city’s most lucrative and expensive parking meters have been changed to charge $6.50 per hour. That’s an increase of 75 cents per hour from 2012 and gives Chicago the distinction of having the nation’s highest downtown rates.

Crews then moved to pay boxes in areas adjoining the downtown area like River North, Gold Coast, and the South Loop where the rate has been increased from $3.50 per hour to $4.00 per hour. Parking meter pay boxes in outlying neighborhoods, where rates are rising a quarter to a $2.00 per hour a rate that is as expensive as the downtown rates of major American cities like Houston, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

The company plans on having all parking meter pay boxes switched over to the new rates by the end of this month.

“Yes, crews are still on track to complete the rate increase rollout by the end of February,” said CPM spokesperson Lena Parsons when asked to confirm the rate changes were taking place. “As you know, it’s CPM policy not to discuss timing and route of the rollout.”

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One Response to Parking Meter Rate Change Begins After Month Delay

  1. Steven says:

    Has anyone done research into what the neighborhood meter rate, now $2.00 per hour, is doing to businesses in neighborhoods like Rogers Park and Edgewater that are 10-15 minutes. Lincolnwood Town Center always seems to be busy and Clark Street around Touhy… not so much.

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