City To Hire 100 Traffic Aides For Red Line Project

A Traffic Control Aide directs traffic after the Chinese New Year Parade

Need a job?

Like to stand in the street choking on car exhaust and risk getting run over by frustrated drivers while trying to direct traffic?

Then Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a job for you.

According to DNA Info Chicago, the city is looking for 100 Traffic Control Aides to assist with the traffic challenges that will result from the CTA Red Line reconstruction project which begins in May.

While the job is a temporary one, it does pay $18.43 an hour.

The $425 million project will rebuild the entire rail bed, which divides the eastbound and westbound lanes of the Dan Ryan from Chinatown to 95th Street.

Traffic Aides will be handling shuttle bus service and help direct traffic due to detours caused by the project.

Interested job applicants can apply online through February 18th.

The city laid off 80 Traffic Control Aides in August, 2011 in an attempt to slash costs from it’s budget.

Here’s DNA Info Chicago’s full story, “For Hire: City Needs $18-an-hour Traffic Aides for Red Line Overhaul.”

Photo courtesy and copyright of reallyboring’s Flickr page. Check out his great Flickr Photostream.

3 Responses to City To Hire 100 Traffic Aides For Red Line Project

  1. Deandra Green-George says:

    I’m trying to apply for the traffic control aide postion for the red line train.

  2. Jeff says:

    CTA’s $200 million rehab on Wilson el station will create street closures in Uptown:


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