SpotHero Spotlights Free Secret Parking Spots

SpotHero's Jeremy Smith and Mark Lawrence

SpotHero is a Chicago-based company that helps drivers locate parking spots in public garages and lots and usually saves them money doing so.

But recently, the company has been divulging “secret” parking spots around the city to help drivers park for free.

So far, the SpotHero crew has “discovered” some decent non-metered spots just west of downtown and some metered spots on South Wells Street which are free to park after 6 PM.

For people looking to catch a Bulls or Hawks game, SpotHero has shared some sweet free street parking near the United Center.

Great tips of course, but why the heck is a company that generates revenue from selling parking in garages and lots telling drivers about places they can park for free?

“Because we believe in showing people all options,” said SpotHero co-founder Mark Lawrence. “SpotHero was founded to make parking easier in Chicago. If free spaces exist, we want people to know about them. Everybody loves free parking right? If you can park for free, park for free. If you can’t, use SpotHero.”

Read all of SpotHero’s free parking tips at the SpotHero blog.

6 Responses to SpotHero Spotlights Free Secret Parking Spots

  1. Jeff says:

    These west side neighborhoods look like the riots of 1968 happened yesterday. I think I’d rather pay for a spot than get murdered on my way to my car.

  2. Drew says:

    Those ones on the south side aren’t much better.

  3. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    That near west side area is simply desolate, but not dangerous.

    There’s just nothing there. Nearby is the Fulton Market District which is warehouses and trendy clubs and restaurants. North of there are middle class townhouses and homes. Totally safe area. And if you don’t mind walking a few minutes, TONS of free parking.

  4. Jeff says:


    I’ll take your word for it. But “desolate” still gives me the willies. If I was a mugger, I would think that a desolate area – with free parking – would be the ideal place to jump somebody headed to the Loop to spend money. If I’m being mugged, I wanna be able to yell for help and hope someone hears me. In mugging, just like real estate, its “location, location, location.”

  5. DoR Employee says:

    Nothing fun about Fulton Market Street and Randolph west of Halsted.

    Madison west of Ashland is deserted unless there is a game at the UC.
    Washington and Warren have about 2 blocks of residential homes west of Ashland…but they go from high priced condos to mid/low rent fast…and while I do not imply that the people that live there are ‘crap or scum’ just that they are less inclined to answer their door. We usually only send in PEA’s on a Bike or in a vehicle due to the huge open empty spaces.

    Plus the Gang activity in those areas is higher than in the North Side areas that you find Spot Hero in more.

    Over 20 Gangs in Chicago….with about 2 or 3 factions per gang.

    Over 512 Homicides last year. 200 to 500 police officers retire each year…with less than 120 hired in the last 12 months.

    Into the Double Digits for homicides this year already and over 50 shootings Plus over 10 of the homicides were by penetrating or impact tramua.

  6. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    I’m not saying the area you describe as being as safe as the suburbs, but I would have no issues about parking in that area. None. I don’t think it’s any less safe than most areas of the city.

    At least in my opinion.

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