Parking Signs In New York City Get Extreme Makeover

New York City drivers have complained for years about the confusing nature of parking signs in the Big Apple.

Now, the city has done something about it with the parking version of an extreme makeover, or perhaps in this case, a Twitter makeover.

According to Transportation Nation, NYC hired a design firm to streamline sign content to a maximum 140 characters (ala’ Twitter),  reduce sign colors and font choices all with the goal of making parking signs easier to understand and follow the law.

“You shouldn’t need a Ph.D in parking signage to understand where you are allowed to leave your car in New York,” said City Council Member Daniel Garodnick in a emailed statement that referred to him as “a longtime supporter of syntactic clarity.”

Is Chicago next for a parking sign makeover? Time will tell.

Here’s Transportation Nation’s full story, “NYC Unclutters Parking Signs.”

Graphic courtesy of NYC DOT.


4 Responses to Parking Signs In New York City Get Extreme Makeover

  1. Pete says:

    Chicago will makeover their signs to be even more confusing, so as to increase ticket revenue.

  2. Jeff says:

    NYC cops to test out smart cars for patrol:

    I dunno. Hard to take a cop seriously when he’s driving around in what looks like a washing machine. I would have to resist the urge to tap on the window and ask the cop where you out in the fabric softener.

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