New York City Kills Parking Meter Privatization Deal

A New York City Muni-Meter. Photo courtesy and copyright DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg

Blame it on Chicago.

New York City has opted not to move forward with plans to privatize the city’s more than 85,000 metered parking spaces and Chicago is at least partially responsible according to the Wall Street Journal .

New York is just the most recent of many large U.S. cities that considered privatizing their parking meters but backed off. This list also includes Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. The WSJ blamed this inability for cities to consummate these privatization deals on the failure of Chicago’s meter lease deal and subsequent public backlash.

Instead of moving ahead with privatization, the Bloomberg administration has decided to initiate a modernization of its parking meters later in 2013.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s report, “New York Scraps Privatizing Parking Meters.”

Photo courtesy and copyright DNA Info New York.

3 Responses to New York City Kills Parking Meter Privatization Deal

  1. Mike says:

    One day Mayor Daley will rot in hell. Rahm won’t publicly criticize Daley but he refers to Daley’s last 10 years as mayor as “the lost decade.” I’m no fan of Rahm either.

  2. DoR Employee says:

    Sources at NYC Dept of Finance commented that “Chicago is the ‘What not to do Example’ of Privatization.”

    And that “NYC Meters are worth 20 times more than what was being offered for a Lease.”

  3. B says:

    Bloomberg has money… it’s power he wants. More of it.
    Daley seemed to satisfied with the power he had and wanted more money.

    To me this explains it all.

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