Mayor Denies Back Room Negotiations On Meter Lease Deal

Mayor Emanuel answers questions about parking meter rates at a press conference Wednesday morning. Photo courtesy and copyright DNA Info Chicago/Ted Cox

What’s the deal with the delays in raising parking meter rates?

That’s essentially the question reporters had for Mayor Emanuel Wednesday at a morning press conference.

“If it were up to me, we’d have a 60-year reprieve, not just 60 days,” Emanuel answered, according to DNA Info Chicago.

But what does Chicago Parking Meters, LLC gain by giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased meter rates by delaying changing over the pay boxes to the new, higher rates until at least February? Is the city working to renegotiate the widely criticized parking meter lease deal or at least working a deal on the over $60 million in bills from CPM? What’s going on Mayor Emanuel?

Emanuel pleaded ignorance and slammed the meter lease contract once again.

DNA Info Chicago reporter Ted Cox writes:

Emanuel denied Wednesday that there’s any horse trading going on in the matter.

“There’s been no quid pro quo,” he said. “I can’t tell you why they’ve decided to postpone. But I’ve been pretty clear about [how] you can send me those bills, but I’ve got a real disagreement with all those bills, mainly because I do think this is a bad contract that was wrong for the city and wrongly designed.”

It’s just more meter mystery.

Here’s Ted Cox’s story at DNA Info Chicago, “Mayor Praises Parking Meter Reprieve, but Again Disses Overall Deal.”

One Response to Mayor Denies Back Room Negotiations On Meter Lease Deal

  1. Jeff says:

    If Rahm’s mouth is open, he is lying

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