Illegal Immigrants Wary Of Law Allowing Driver’s Licenses

A new law that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license in Illinois may become reality this month.

However, according to an Associated Press story in the Rockford Register Star newspaper, some immigrants are worried the information from the license would be used to deport or prosecute them based on their legal status.

A bill that would give illegal immigrants the ability to obtain a special driver’s license allowing them to drive legally in Illinois as long as they obtained automobile insurance, was passed by the state Senate in December.

The proposed law may come up for a vote in the Illinois House of Representatives as early as January 7th, according to the story. If the bill passes the House, Governor Pat Quinn says he will sign it.

Immigration reform groups in Illinois have been strong in support of this bill, that would add Illinois to a short list of states that currently allow illegal immigrants to obtain a license. This includes New Mexico, Washington, with California moving in that direction as well.

But the story quotes a handful of illegal immigrants who fear the data and personal information they give to the state could be used against them down the road.

These potential new immigrant driver’s licenses would not look like a standard license, could not be used for identification and would need to be renewed every three years compared to the normal four.

Here’s the full story, “Some illegal immigrants fear going for Illinois driver’s licenses.”

8 Responses to Illegal Immigrants Wary Of Law Allowing Driver’s Licenses

  1. Drew says:

    Potentially will reduce the number of No ID/Insurance Drivers out there?

    What incentive is an Insurance Company like Allstate or Triple A or Geico or Progressive going to have to insure an Illegal? Illegals can’t legally have a job that pays into SSI/OASDI…so how do they Pay for Insurance? How do they earn Money legally to get the Car/truck/Van? How do they legally earn money to pay for the DL in the first place?

    Short sightedness on the part of the Politicians that are hunting for Votes.

    And before anyone jumps on me….please notice I refrained from mentioning any race.

    Although…as a Native American…ya’all are illegals to me.

  2. Drew says:

    And I’d hope Illegals would fear going for their DL….

    I’d Hope ICE would Stake out the Sec State Offices state wide with the intent to stop this…and then charge the Sec State and Illinois Legislature with aiding and abetting. Sanctuary Cities are Illegal After all.

  3. Pete says:

    This is a bad idea. A driver’s license for illegals is defacto legal status (especially in Illinois). And I can’t see why illegals would have any interest in getting car insurance anyway. They typically drive old beaters, and if they cause an accident they can just flee the scene. Not like they have any assets (on paper) that could be seized in a lawsuit or anything.

  4. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Pete, Drew,

    I won’t argue with you that the immigration problem is a major issue and needs to be resolved. I find it quite humorous that if any non-citizen of Mexico was caught having crossed the border illegally there, they could face up to two years in prison and/or deportation.

    HOWEVER, to my mind, the failure of the federal government is having an impact on our state. If allowing illegals to have a driver’s license and thus forcing them to have insurance, I ultimately believe our roads will be safer and when there is an accident, the insurance company of a legal resident will stay under control.

  5. Drew says:

    The Failure of the Federal Government is at the top levels.

    The Rank and File want to do their jobs.

    But the Rank and File are too chicken shit to file charges against the individuals that are preventing them from following Federal Law.

  6. minnie says:

    For one you people need to know what you are talking about before you post. illegal or not Latinos have they pay taxes, ss, medical all the same crap you pay only they never file taxes so that’s free money to are government an they work the jobs you guys piss an mone over “this is to hard little pay yada yada an the comment on old junk cars that’s a joke Spanish people drive better cars

  7. minnie says:

    Drive better cars then alot of Americans .. you know how many Americans I see every day complain about there jobs there family everything in general SO SHUT UP an stop. Complaining if you people put this much effort in your familys then mabie this country wouldn’t be so disconnected in that department an anyway this isn’t your land or mine its gods he didn’t need. Papers to walk these land’s …..

  8. Monica says:

    To Pete… First immigrants drive better than some Americans they dont have license but doesn’t mean they can’t drive and they really should do something about it thanks to them America is built !!!!! Many immigrants got business and do better than some people who was born in Usa. So mine opinion is without them America die!

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