Horrors! Tribune Reports On Cars Parked On Shoulder Of Road

In a major expose’, the Chicago Tribune reports on some drivers who pull over on the side of I-190 waiting to pickup friends or family landing at O’Hare Airport.

It seems, according to the story, it’s a common occurrence and possibly dangerous for a line of cars to build up there in violation of the signs prohibiting such heinous behavior and the risk of a $120 fine.

However, enforcement is lax. Perhaps because there is confusion over which police agency–the Chicago Police Department or Illinois State Police–actually has jurisdiction at that specific location.

The story correctly reports there is the nearby cell phone parking lot off of Manheim Road and adjacent to O’Hare parking lot F, where drivers can park safely and legally for free while waiting to pickup up at the airport.

It’s probably safe to say, a massive enforcement crackdown being pushed by the Tribune Editorial Board, is imminent and will clear out these evil lawbreakers and put a stop to this unbelievably hazardous and terrible situation in short order.

Here’s the Tribune’s full story, “I-190 shoulder a favorite way station for motorists awaiting O’Hare arrivals.”

5 Responses to Horrors! Tribune Reports On Cars Parked On Shoulder Of Road

  1. CL says:

    I can’t read the article because of the paywall, but do they mean the area right outside of arrivals where people pull over to wait — right in front of the doors? If so, it’s ridiculous that they think this is a problem. It’s what everyone does at every airport in the country. I remember once I had to keep circling because they were chasing people who were waiting — it was absurd. Just let people pick up their friends.

  2. nonya says:

    CL – no, they mean people pulling over on the side of 190 approaching the airport. I’ve frequently seen people doing it near the onramp from Bessie Coleman just before the taxiway overpasses

  3. CL says:

    Okay, thanks — that makes sense, then, people shouldn’t be doing that

  4. DoR Employee says:

    And TMA and CPD and Revenue Trucks should be making a Circuit to ticket them for doing it.

  5. Pete says:

    Tribune paywall is easy to circumvent, if you’re not using Internet Exploder as your browser.

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