Grid Chicago Moving To Streetsblog Chicago

Let’s hear it for Grid

Grid Chicago is a local news website run by Steve Vance and John Greenfield, dedicated to covering biking and “sustainable transportation matters,” in and around Chicago.

This pair has done a fantastic job covering these topics over the past year or so, easily outpacing other media outlets covering these same issues.

But now, Grid Chicago is moving its operations under the Streetsblog Chicago banner.

Streetsblog is a national website covering these same issues, but with outlets in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Vance and Greenfield have teamed up with the Streetsblog people to bring the franchise to Chicago starting Tuesday, January 22nd.

“With the launch of Streetsblog Chicago, Grid Chicago will stop publishing new content, but the site will remain online as an archive,” said Vance in a recent post. “We’re looking forward to providing you with more frequent, wide-ranging coverage of the local movement for effective transit and safer streets. And by joining the Streetsblog family, our readers are going to get plugged in to transportation policy stories of national significance, and more people around the country are going to be following Chicago’s progress on walking, biking, and transit issues than ever before.”

Congrats to Vance and Greenfield on the move. You can be sure The Expired Meter will continue to be a regular reader of their work.

4 Responses to Grid Chicago Moving To Streetsblog Chicago

  1. Thanks! Hope to see you at our launch party, open to the public, this Thursday, 1/24, 6-9 pm at Revolution Brewing, 2nd floor, 2323 N. Milwaukee. Keep up the great work with Expired Meter!

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Hey John! Thanks for the invite. I will try my best to swing by Thursday night. Sounds like a ton of fun, plus I can congratulate both you and Steve in person.

  3. Jeff says:

    Great. Another outlet for anti-motorist propaganda, blowing wet kisses to Gabe Klein in his all-out war on automobiles.

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