Chicago Parking Meter Rate Hike Delayed A Month

A woman pays for parking in Wicker Park

For the past three weeks, Chicago drivers have unknowingly been enjoying a reprieve from paying America’s highest parking meter rates.

That’s because none of the city’s more than 4,100 parking meter pay boxes have been changed to reflect the higher rate which officially went into effect on Jan. 1.

That means city parkers, who are still paying the 2012 rate, have collectively saved close to $900,000, based on past monthly revenues generated by the meters.

According to the terms of Chicago’s parking meter lease deal the city signed in 2008 under former Mayor Richard Daley, city meter rates were supposed to rise for the fifth time in five years at the start of 2013.

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10 Responses to Chicago Parking Meter Rate Hike Delayed A Month

  1. Jeff says:

    All of this smells like another one of Rahm’s crooked deals in the works. Time for the US attorney to take a look.

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  3. Barb says:

    Since Rahm didn’t pay us teachers, I think he shouldn’t pay the parking people. Anyone notice how parking is plentiful and no one wants to use a meter?

  4. Geek, one wonders how many other contracts of this nature allow for billing of lost revenue due to handicapped drivers?

  5. DoR Employee says:

    They can’t bill the difference until it is properly posted.

  6. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    To my knowledge, no other city contract is worded this way.

  7. Pete says:

    Rahm paid the teachers plenty, after the strike where Karen Lewis handed his ass to him.

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  9. Len says:

    Is rahm cutting deals on the side with Abu Dhabi? What is it with rahm Emanuel and people doing whatever he says. He is just a little man with a syndrome.

  10. sebastian says:

    It was been more than 4 years since we got stuck with these meters and yet people still cant get over the fact the it was a sour deal, give it up and just deal with it, there are worse issues out in the city that need more attention then these high parking rates.

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