Year-Round Sales Ends City Sticker Design Contest

Clerk Mendoza unveils the 2012-2013 Chicago City sticker at a press conrference earlier in the year

Beginning in May, the city clerk’s office will begin the transition towards selling Chicago vehicle stickers on a year around basis — and city students will no longer be designing them.

The Clerk’s office is actively working toward changing the annual tradition of selling 1.3 million city stickers over the course of several weeks in late spring and early summer, into a process that parallels the way Illinois drivers renew their vehicle license plates, where vehicle stickers would expire on the same month every year.

First raised under Miguel del Valle, the idea of year round sales was a major goal of current City Clerk Susana Mendoza when she first entered office in April of 2011. Mendoza announced the impending switch at this year’s budget hearings in October.

But this change also spells the demise of another Chicago tradition — the city sticker design contest.

“Because we are transitioning to year-round sticker sales and the design of the sticker will change, we will not be holding a city sticker art contest this year,” City Clerk spokesperson Kristine Williams said. “There’s limited space on the sticker so it will be fundamentally changed.”

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4 Responses to Year-Round Sales Ends City Sticker Design Contest

  1. Capt M-Plate says:

    I don’t know about this.

    When this goes through….Expired Plates = Expired City Sticker

    Right now….as bad as it is getting that 60 buck ticket for expired plates on the First of the Month…it is going to be compounded by an instant followup ticket for 200 bucks for Expired City Sticker and Potentially 75 bucks for Expired RPP.

    As heavy as this city is on City Sticker and Expired RPP and Expired Plate Enforcement, you at least know that you have 15 days of a Grace Period to get your City Sticker between 6/30 and 7/16 before you risk that Nasty Orange Envelope appearing on your vehicle.

    This will spell the end of the Grace Period for Purchasing it if your old one Expired….because Finance isn’t going to be willing to Sit on our hands for 15 days every Month and not enforce the vehicles that just didn’t get around to getting the new Sticker. Proof of that? I’ve seen cars this week with expired 4/12 and 5/12 and 6/12 plates…but they have the 2012-13 City Sticker on their windshield.

    1 Annual Renewal Period for everyone is simpler at the end of the day….both for the city And the citizens of this city.

    Why do I say that? Well…your 2012-13 City Sticker (of Course) expires June 30th, 2013…and you get 15 extra Procrastination Days to get the new one.

    Now…Lets say she gets this new system up and running for 2013-14.

    What Happens if your License Plate renewal is August 2013? Or October 2013? As has been Discussed before…the City doesn’t Pro-Rate the Cost of these Stickers until January if I recall correctly (don’t buy the sticker Late so don’t know for certain). Its Full Price even if you’re Moving out of the city in 2 months.

    Is the City Clerk’s Office going to Issue Extension Stickers for those people that have their plates due up in less than 6 months? Less than 4 months? Less than 2 months?

    Lots of questions.

    Not a lot of answers yet..

  2. Mike says:

    Wait, so gangbangers like Herbie won’t be able to put their gang’s symbol on the city sticker? This sounds great to me.

  3. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Capt. M-Plate,

    Don’t fret yet. I have it on good authority, all these issues are being addressed.

    The Clerk’s office plans to release details on the transition in the near future.

  4. Pete says:

    This would be a perfect opportunity to do away with the dumb stickers and have the Secretary of State collect both the state registration fee and the local wheel taxes annually when the registration is renewed. A valid license plate would mean that all fees had been paid and thus the costly process of administering and enforcing the city sticker program could be eliminated. But it would put too many government bureaucrats out of work so of course it would not be considered.

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