Red Light Camera Roundup

Red Light Camera Roundup is a semi-regular update on red light camera enforcement stories in and around Chicago and the suburbs.

Retired Attorney Makes Big Bucks From Adjudicating RLC Tickets

If you’ve ever contested a red light camera ticket in Lake or McHenry counties, you’ve probably met Henry Tonigan III.

He’s a retired judge, formerly Lake Chief Judge of Lake County Circuit Court. But now he spends at least part of his time presiding over cases where drivers fight their red light camera tickets and other municipal violations.

The Daily Herald reports on Tonigan in a recent piece that sheds a sliver of light on the adjudication process for RLC tickets.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit is how much Tonigan got paid for his work–over $130,000 over two years according to the Herald.

Documents obtained through Daily Herald open records requests show Tonigan received $130,535 in public money for the red-light camera and ordinance adjudication work from 10 municipalities from 2009 through 2011.

Here’s the Herald’s full story, “Retired judge swaps criminal cases for red-light violations.”

More Red Light Cameras Coming To North Riverside?

Yes, it does seem like North Riverside is going to get another pair of red light cameras at the intersection of Cermak and Harlem Avenues according to the Riverside Broofield Landmark newspaper. Village Trustees voted to allow SafeSpeed, LLC to do a study of that intersection and most likely move forward with RLC enforcement at that location.

The town already has cameras at three other locations: 17th Avenue at Cermak Road, First Avenue at 26th Street and Harlem Avenue at 26th Street.

The curious thing is, the vendor for those locations is Redflex.

It turns out Redflex’s contract is costing the town money–at least in the short run. According to the newspaper’s account, Redflex’s contract makes sure the company gets their cut of violation even if the city does not collect on the RLC tickets. North Riverside is owed nearly $200,000 in unpaid tickets and currently owes about $35,000 to Redflex.

SafeSpeed’s proposal for cameras will charge the town less for the service and only gets paid when the fine is actually collected.

Here’s the full story, “North Riverside eyes red-light cameras for Harlem and Cermak.”

Oak Forest Cameras To Stay For At Least Two More Years

South suburban Oak Forest just renewed it’s contract with Gatso USA assuring drivers out that way they’ll see RLCs in that town for at least two more years according to Oak Forest Patch.

Here’s the full story, “Red Light Cameras Will Remain.”

Justice In Justice? Police Chief Fired

Remember that police chief in Justice, IL who got caught pandering for red light camera company SafeSpeed a few months ago?

Well he got fired.

Here’s the full story, “Police chief fired in Chicago suburb of Justice.”

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  1. Pete says:

    They pay this crony a lot because he is essentially a rainmaker for the government. His job is to make sure no appeal succeeds, and I’m sure he’s a pro at it. But remember, its all for the safety of the children.

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