More Cars Towed On Second Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban Than First

Normally, city tow trucks haul away more illegally parked vehicles on the first night than any other night of the four month long Winter Overnight Parking Ban.

Usually, by the second night of the ban, tow numbers have dropped dramatically.

But not this year.

In fact, on Saturday night/Sunday morning, tow trucks exceeded the first night of the ban, bringing in another potentially recording breaking 303 vehicles according to city officials.

On the ban’s first night, Streets & Sanitation reported 301 cars towed, making the total take for the first two nights a whopping 604 vehicles. The closest two night total in the last five years was in 2009 when 399 cars were hooked up and brought to the auto pound.

Last year, only 188 cars got towed on the ban’s first night, followed by 137 on the second night. In 2010, it was 215 for the first night and 167 for the second.

“It is possible the warm weather resulted in more people not realizing the Winter Overnight Parking Ban was going into effect,” said Bill McCaffrey, spokesperson from the Mayor’s Press Office. “It’s also possible the month starting on a weekend resulted in more vehicles being towed.”

According to McCaffrey, the Department of Streets and Sanitation personnel spent the week before the start of the parking ban like they have the previous few years, fliering vehicles along the 107 miles of streets covered by the ban, getting the word out in the media and even using social media to spread the word.

The parking ban prohibits vehicles from parking along 107 miles of Chicago’s main arterial streets
between 3 AM and 7 AM every night until April 1st.

Violators will beChicago’s auto pounds and will have to pay a minimum $160 for the tow and storage and also hit with a $50 parking ticket.

According to McCaffrey, only 158 cars got towed the third night of the winter ban.

Perhaps drivers are finally getting the message.

5 Responses to More Cars Towed On Second Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban Than First

  1. nonya says:

    Friday/Saturday nights, especially on Milwaukee, were probably a big part of it.

  2. Not bad for two night’s work $126,840 assuming everyone wants their car back.

  3. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Thanks for doing the math for me Doctor!

    I lost my calculator. I think my 5 year old hid it somewhere.

  4. J Williamson says:

    Even if there is no snow, even though there is a sign right there that specifically says “over 2 inches of snow”, you can still be ticketed??

  5. Debillw3 says:

    Williamson: Do you not understand the definition of the word “OR”?

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