Does VW Billboard Really Promote Distracted Driving?

A billboard along I-55 for a suburban Volkswagen dealership is an open invitation for distracted driving, at least according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune dedicates precious column inches of newspaper to the horrific story about the callous and uncaring Autobarn VW, a dealership in Countryside that has a billboard ad which says, “SCAN THIS FOR THE BEST PASSAT DEAL OF YOUR LIFE,” situated next to a QR code.

The billboard is trying to encourage drivers which see one of Autobarn’s 45 VW Passats being used as loaner cars, to scan the QR codes on the side of those vehicles. The QR code will link the smart phone user with more information on special deals on Passats from Autobarn.

But in actuality, the billboard is promoting distracted driving and perhaps even a flaming death amongst the twisted wreckage of a motorist’s car.

According to the Tribune, dealership management never thought someone would be moronic enough to stick their arm out the window and try to scan a billboard with their smartphone at 55 mph.

One assumes the Tribune believes many drivers would be stupid enough to do so.

After being made aware of the billboard by the newspaper, Volkswagen of America is now asking the dealership to take the billboard down immediately and IDOT spokespersons are outraged as well.

Hopefully now, the Trib start going after those horribly dangerous billboards marketing beer? Because that Coors or Budweiser billboards they zoom by may encourage drivers to crack open a beer to drink while driving.

This editors of this website are universally distracted by any billboard which portrays an attractive woman and believe those type of ads should be banned as well. Suburban gentleman’s clubs better get their act together or else!

Here’s the Tribune’s full “story” entitled, “VW billboard seems to invite drivers to scan code.”

3 Responses to Does VW Billboard Really Promote Distracted Driving?

  1. Jeff says:


    Some idiot recently approved a giant electronic billboard along the eastbound Eisenhower Expressway, just before the Desplaines exit. This billboard is brighter than any other digital billboard I have ever seen along an expressway. When the billboard goes to a white background (as it currently does for Target ads), the glare at night is blinding for drivers headed into a dangerous stretch of the Eisenhower, where traffic can stop suddenly. First Target loses our data, and now they’re trying to run us off the road. Someone at IDOT must have been asleep at the switch when this got approved.

  2. Jeff says:

    More giant, excessively bright billboards along the Kennedy and Edens:

    I complained to IDOT about a very bright billboard along the Eishenhower last year. IDOT said they would look into it, and the billboard became much less bright afterwards.

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