City Pays Out $85,000 To Wrongly Ticketed Driver

Remember Mark Geinosky?

He was the gentleman who seemed to be the target of some sort of parking ticket vendetta perpetuated by one or more Chicago police officers back in 2007.

He kept on receiving violation notices from the city for parking tickets he never received, at places he never had been.

While he fought and won all the tickets, Geinosky filed complaints with the Chicago Police Department. Initially, the complaints went nowhere until the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Yates, the Problem Solver columnist, stepped in to shine a bright light on Geinosky’s plight.

Investigations finally took place. One cop quit, another lost his job over an unrelated issue, two others were disciplined and a fifth is serving in the military overseas.

But Geinosky also filed a federal lawsuit against the city for what he perceived to be a pattern of harassment. The lawsuit got tossed by a judge, but then reinstated on appeal.

Finally, after five years, Geinosky can put the entire matter behind him.

Because according to the Chicago Tribune, the city settled with Geinosky and agreed to pay him $85,000.

According to the story, Geinosky is frustrated he never found out why he was the target of the parking ticket attack, but is happy with the settlement.

Here’s the full story, “Problem Solver: Ticketgate ends in settlement.”

4 Responses to City Pays Out $85,000 To Wrongly Ticketed Driver

  1. THANKS to Jon Yates, the Problem Solver at the Chicago Tribune, for shining the light on this case of police abuse that led to a proper settlement.

    The tragedy in cases like this is the NEED for the glare of media assistance to get them solved fairly. IF abusive parking and traffic enforcement issues were settled with integrity and fairness, there would be no need for media involvement. But Chicago operates most parking and traffic enforcement programs for MONEY, not for fairness, integrity or traffic safety. And when money is the prime goal, you cannot expect fair solutions to come from the Chicago officials — they just want to hang on to the money, by hook or by crook, and they don’t care which.

    If Chicago voters want issues like this handled fairly by the officials, it will be necessary to vote out most of the Aldermen and the Mayor – to replace them with officials that favor traffic safety, fairness and integrity higher than they favor ticket revenue.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  2. DoR Employee says:

    I agree with you James

  3. Thanks, DoR Employee.

    What is hard to understand is why the victims of the abuses don’t revolt at the polls to “throw the bums out” and replace them with people of integrity.

  4. Pete says:

    Chicago voters don’t want honest elected officials. I’m not entirely sure why, but I believe its because they think there will be something in it for them if the crook stays in office. It all goes back to the Illinois motto: where’s mine?

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