Chicago Speed Camera Testing Begins Today

The City of Chicago’s test of speed cameras began today at four locations around the city.

The test, which begins December 3rd and runs through January 3rd, is for the two finalist automated camera enforcement companies in the city’s speed camera bid process, to show off their respective technologies over the next 30 days. All cameras during the testing phase will be taken down after the test period has finished.

The two vendors, American Traffic Solutions and Xerox owned ACS, each have cameras installed at four locations near schools or parks.

No citations for drivers exceeding the posted speed limit or traveling beyond the 20 mph school zone speed limit when children are present.

The testing will allow the city to evaluate each company’s technology to see which bests fits the bid specifications. CDOT officials believe the contract will be awarded and the first speed cameras actually issuing violations will take place in the first quarter of 2013.

When the city’s speed camera program becomes operational drivers will receive a warning for their first offense, subsequent violations will cost drivers exceeding the speed limit between 6-10 mph $35 or $100 for motorists exceeding the speed limit by over 11 mph.

Below are the four locations where testing will take place:

  • McKinley Park, at approximately 2223 W. Pershing Road
  • Warren Park, at approximately 6541 N. Western Ave
  • Dulles Elementary School, at approximately 6340 S. King Drive
  • Near North Montessori School, at approximately 1446 W. Division

Technicians put the finishng touches on the installation of a speed camera in the 1400 block of north Division Street

13 Responses to Chicago Speed Camera Testing Begins Today

  1. Capt M-Plate says:

    That spot on W. Division is a good spot actually.

    Will pay for itself inside of 2 weeks I bet….cause people are always flooring it to make the Light at Ashland/Division and Milwaukee/Division.

    They are also going to have to figure out a way for the CPD to autopay their Fines for these cameras…otherwise the Cop Cars are going to have to travel with Lights on Every damn minute of the day.

    And City Vehicles and State M and U plates are not legally exempt from Speed Laws….so 4 months after these are active.. Mike and Barnet need to FOIA the City to see how many City and State Agencies were ticketed and how many tickets were Dismissed OR Paid… ensure Fair and Equal Enforcement.

  2. Capt M-Plate says:

    And there is a great way around the “Children Must be present” rule….

    Post a Cardboard cutout of Dora the Explorer at every school and park.

  3. Jeff says:

    Here is an interesting blog snippet, discussing how enterprising lads are taking out the hated speed cameras:


    In the UK some are taking tires, hanging them on the speed cameras, filling the inside with gasoline, and lighting it. The gasoline burns long enough to get the tire burning, and as the tire burns, the steel belts keep it from burning itself off of the camera housing before it’s been there for a considerable amount of time.

    I wouldn’t advocate doing this with tires that you bought new if you registered the warranty on them, but tires on wheels can sometimes be bought for $8.00 on half-price day at the junk yard, and dismounting them isn’t that difficult if they’re not those low-profile or large rim types. I’d imagine that you’d put the gasoline into the tire while it’s on the ground, then lift it up and on, then toss a match or two into it.

  4. saucexx says:

    Emmanuel must know I’m not going to vote for him the next election. Why else would he be trying so hard to make me move out of the City…….

    Quick thought, what if City vehicles take in enough tickets to offset the money coming in? I know it’s far fetched but it would definitely make a great punch line to this debacle.

    BTW when are we finally going to be rid of Gabe Klein?

  5. Mike says:

    I feel like Rahm plays both sides. He knows that he needs good people to stay in his town. Census data always shows people leaving. He talks about jobs, better schools, and etc but shit like this doesn’t make people happy.

    As a politician, would you rather have someone live here, play here, spend money here, and get their tax money. Or, would you rather give them tickets, get them pissed off, and have them leave, taking all their money with them?

  6. Pete says:

    Just wait until we find out Rahm’s definition of “school zone” and “park”. I bet every landscaped space in the city becomes a park and every daycare and homeschooled child’s block becomes a school zone with a 20 MPH limit.

  7. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Pete, I nearly woke my kids when I snorted, laughing at your comment. Ha!

  8. Tony says:

    We need to organize and fight back!
    When those money-makers become operational I’m going to stand before the cameras with a sing warning people.
    I hope others follow my lead and do the same.

  9. Michael says:

    The cab I was in got nailed by the one on Pershing last night on my way home from Midway. Actually, the camera was going off for every car that went by. I don’t believe there’s any sort of sign or warning about speed cameras in use, and those of us that drive down Pershing regularly know that CPD is okay with you doing 40 MPH (heck, they sometimes do 50 or even 60). It seems like a money grab; 40 is a safe speed on that road.

  10. John says:

    Isn’t it amazing how creative the government can be when they want to find more money to spend but how blocked they can be when it comes time to balance the budget? Does everyone realize how our own governments no longer look out for our interests but their own? It’s disgraceful and shame on all of us for being so busy and disinterested that we allow them to get away with it. A revolution is needed so that regular people can take back our governments instead of professional fleecers.

  11. J says:

    I agree w/ John- but the question remains as to how to get people motivated enough to do something about this..

  12. Pete says:

    Allowing the fiscal cliff to happen would go a long way towards motivating people enough to do something about the current state of government (namely not blindly voting for incumbents anymore).

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