Car-nage On Kedzie: Bus Driver Passes Out, Hits 21 Parked Cars

Bus-ted on Kedzie, a bus slammed into 21 parked cars along Kedize Ave. north of Diversey, after the driver passed out Friday morning. Photo credit Victoria Johnson/DNA Info Chicago.

Perhaps it’s a Christmas miracle that no one was seriously injured or even killed Friday morning in the Avondale neighborhood.

A CTA bus driver was driving north on Kedzie Avenue, missed a turn onto Diversey and lost consciousness due to some sort of medical emergency around 8:40 AM according to DNA Info Chicago. The bus careened into cars along both sides of Kedzie, slamming into a total of 21 parked cars before finally being stopped by completely upending one car with another.

Traffic was halted in both directions for hours.

While two people were injured and taken to area hospitals for treatment, neither were injured critically.

Read the full account at DNA Info Chicago, and definitely check out the amazing photos of the destruction.

4 Responses to Car-nage On Kedzie: Bus Driver Passes Out, Hits 21 Parked Cars

  1. Mike says:


    In all seriousness, I hope the driver is okay and I’m glad nobody was hurt.

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Did you see all the photos? The damage is really spectacular. Considering the damage and mayhem, it’s seriously the Hand of God that no one was seriously injured or killed.

  3. Mike says:

    Geek, I can agree. I worry about older or ill people who drive. To be fair, I worry about drunk drivers or over tired ones too. I’d imagine that auto makers will install some type of device to prevent these things one day. One collision is enough, kill the engine.

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