Van Stolen, But City Tries To Hold Owner Responsible For Tickets

Sounds like a nightmare.

According to the Chicago Tribune, an Oak Park couple’s van gets stolen out of their garage in the middle of the day.

The thief promptly generated a few red light camera tickets and a ton of parking tickets on the stolen van he or she was driving.

Despite reporting the vehicle stolen, having the title transferred to the insurance company (because the van was not recovered), and writing the city regarding all the thief incurred tickets, the city would not dismiss the bulk of the violations.

After many, many calls, the couple still couldn’t get anyone with the city to use common sense and throw out all the citations.

Instead, the city asked the Secretary of State to suspend the driver’s license of the older woman who’s  name was on the vehicle’s title and registration.

Finally, the Tribune’s What’s Your Problem columnist Jon Yates, came to the rescue on behalf of the former van owners.

Yates made a few phone calls to City Hall and POOF, the city throws out all outstanding tickets and reinstates the driver’s license with the Secretary of State’s office.

Funny how that works.

Here’s the Trib’s full story, “Problem Solver: Van stolen, driver’s license suspended.”

2 Responses to Van Stolen, But City Tries To Hold Owner Responsible For Tickets

  1. Icarus says:

    Ugh! and what about the citizens who cannot get the attention of media people to champion their cause? Is it too much to ask that elected officials and government workers have some critical thinking/common sense skills that could prevent this from snow balling in the first place?

  2. DoR Employee says:

    City Policy is to NOT Ticket a Vehicle that comes up on the Stolen List when you run the plate number into the Ticket Machine.

    For a Police Officer to know it was stolen…they’d have to pay attention to Roll Call for the Daily List or run the plate through there PDT.

    After discovering a Stolen Plate/Vehicle…DOR policy is to Call a Supervisor and then Call Security to that location before the vehicle ‘vanishes’ again.

    Ticketing a Stolen Plate is like Ticketing a Booted Vehicle….insult to injury.

    Now…in all fairness not every plate that pops up on the DoF list of “Stolen” are still stolen…a percentage have been recovered, but the CPD hasn’t done the administrative paperwork or the Sec State hasn’t dones the administrative work or the Vehicle Owner hasn’t done the apaerwork with the Police and State to report the recovery of the plate/vehicle and get it off the Hot Sheet.

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