On The Radio With Nick Digilio Saturday Night

Feeling bloated and lazy while you recover from your Thanksgiving Day food hangover Saturday evening with nothing to do?

Well, gather the family around the radio at 11 PM Saturday night, tune in WGN Radio 720, and listen to that jackass the Parking Ticket Geek join the always affable and hilarious Nick Digilio for an hour.

We’re going to discuss some of our latest stories and answer all sorts of parking and driving questions as well as give out parking ticket advice.

Tune in to WGN Radio, AM 720 or stream it via the internet here.

2 Responses to On The Radio With Nick Digilio Saturday Night

  1. Heard the show last night, you did a crackin job. Some very interesting calls exemplifying the predatory DNA of local and state government. Look forward to a follow up regarding the city policy of ticketing suburban registered vehicles for no Chicago city sticker. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

  2. DoR Employee says:

    Doc….speaking for the DOF on that one..

    We run registrations though a list provided to us by the Secretary of States office. We do real time database searches for Temp Plates older than 30 days and expiration date checks on those temp plates also. The R and N and P series passenger plates are not on our list so we has staff standing by via phone for the street patrols to call directly for a registration check.

    If the Information on the List or Database run/provided by the Sec State isn’t accurate and up to date…that isn’t the Ticket Writer on the Streets Fault.

    There is NO CITY Policy to Ticket Suburban Owned vehicles for No City Sticker. If I see a vehicle with an Expired City Sticker from 2012 on it…I will issue a ticket.

    If I see a 2011 Expired City Sticker…I run the Plate…because that is policy.

    If I see a 2012 Expired City Sticker on a Vehicle with a Temp Plate…I run the plate because it is more than 90 days since city sticker renewal was over July 15th.

    There is only one way to legally issue a City Sticker violation to a Suburban registered vehicle.

    And that is if it is Owned by a Chicago Resident. And that information can only be gleaned by a Police Officer doing a Complete Background Check of the Owner of Record through the Databases they only they have access to. We can’t do that detailed of an indepth check.

    But we can track and monitor vehicles that use “resident only’ parking facilities that are not gated. And we can issue the tickets to them in those lots.

    Just Like we can ticket a vehicle in a City Employee Parking Only Lot regardless of the registration for No City Sticker.

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