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City Council Votes To Limit Reserved Parking For Disabled

It was a unanimous vote in the Chicago City Council on Wednesday.

According to CBS 2 and the Sun-Times, alderman overwhelmingly supported Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to limit the number of parking spaces per block for drivers with handicapped license plates or disability placards.

There are some residential streets in the city where a disproportionate number of these reserved spaces exist, reducing the number of potential parking spots for other residents.

This change to the municipal code will limit this type of parking to no more than 20% of the total number of available parking spots per block.

If a disabled driver is denied a reserved spot due to this new rule, they do have the opportunity to appeal to Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities which can review and possible overturn the denial.

Red Light Roundup: Arlington Heights Says No To RLC, Construction Could Cost Northfield Big Bucks

More red light camera news from the suburbs.

Our first stop is in Arlington Heights where it seems the village trustees decided for a second time not to bring red light cameras to the town.

It’s hard to tell from this very poorly written story in the Chicago Tribune, but it looks like Arlington Heights shot down the idea two years ago, but the idea came up again at a recent village board meeting and was shot down a second time. Again, hard to tell as this story seems to violate the essential who, what, where, when & how every Journalism 101 student is supposed to learn.

But the general gist of the story is that both the police department and city political leaders do not want red light cams in their town.

Here’s the Trib’s fact free story, “Arlington Heights officials still say no to red light cameras.”

Construction In Northfield Will Eviscerate Town’s RLC Revenue