Tailgating Bears Fans Busted For Disabled Parking Abuse

Talk about a buzz kill.

Just imagine it. The weather is beautiful, even balmy. Friends and family are tailgating, the grill is going, beer is flowing and everyone is excited about the Bears’ Monday night game at home against the Lions.

But then, Illinois Secretary of State law enforcement walk up and nail you for parking in a handicap parking spot.

That’s what happened to a handful of people tailgating at the Waldron Parking Deck outside Soldier Field Monday night according to the CBS Chicago website.

At least two of the drivers had legitimate disabled parking placards, but did not have the handicapped person with them at the time as required by law. This citation will cost a driver $500 and the loss of driving privileges for a month.

The story says the handicap spots are in the most demand because they have the most space for hardcore tailgaters.

Here’s CBS Chicago’s full story, “Disabled Parking Crackdown At Soldier Field.”

GEEK TIP: Never, we repeat NEVER park in a handicap parking space unless you are legally allowed to do so. Duh!

One Response to Tailgating Bears Fans Busted For Disabled Parking Abuse

  1. Drew says:

    Well DUH?

    No shit you’re not supposed to be there. But hey…Standard Parking probably said “hey we can fit another 20 tailgaters in if we ignore the HCP rule”

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