Illinois Tollway Goes To Court To Collect Unpaid Tolls

The Illinois Tollway Authority is not playing around anymore.

If drivers using the tollway don’t pay unpaid tolls and fines, they could end up in court soon.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Tollway Authority filed lawsuits in DuPage and Cook County in an attempt to collect on very large, unpaid tolls totally $1.8 million.

This includes, according to the report, a trucking company which owes more than $150,000, a day care center with a $19,000 bill and a plumbing company which owes around $60,000.

And while most of the larger outstanding debts are owed by businesses with fleets of vehicles, the Tribune reports at least one individual living in the suburbs owes the tollway a jaw dropping $100,000.

But the $1.8 million from the 43 initial lawsuits is just a drop in the bucket. The Tollway Authority says it’s owed $300 million in unpaid tolls and fines going back to 2001.

Here’s the Tribune’s full story, “Tollway takes top toll violators to court.”

12 Responses to Illinois Tollway Goes To Court To Collect Unpaid Tolls

  1. Jeff says:

    I hate the Illinois Tollway Authority (85% toll hikes, needless make-work projects, slush funds for board members, etc.) as much as anyone. But why not get serious about deadbeats, especially businesses trying to get a free ride while the rest of us pay. The Tollway should go to the Legislature for scofflaw remedies. Low cost options for the worst offenders could include:

    1. intercepting state tax refunds;

    2. suspending business licenses/commercial license plates;

    3. suspending/barring contracts with the State;

    4. expedited proceedings for attachment/garnishment of bank accounts.

    As a condition of allowing these remedies, the Legislature should demand a forensic audit of the Tollway Authority’s books, to look for the waste and corruption that led to the recent toll hikes. (I’m sure they’ find plenty.)

  2. B says:

    I thought the toll road authority had the power of government, that is a monopoly on legal violence. Like the signs say: “Toll violators are subject to fine, arrest or suspension of driving privileges.”

    But the toll road authority has to sue to get unpaid tolls the way say a private company would have to sue if someone or some other company did not pay the bill for services rendered or goods delivered?

    If the toll road authority uses lawsuits and collection agencies to be paid, it seems one of the greatest objections to free market roads has already been solved, by a government agency.

  3. Kenneth Tennant says:

    Illinois Tollway “Authority” is a FRAUD. They are trying to collect over $200 for 3 missed tolls. Tolls that were NOT manned because they are greedy. Two of the tolls are on I-88 Dixon Plaza 69 where the rest rooms have been “Out of Order” since March! Tom Weisner is defrauding US of honest services. I tried to pay these tolls with a Money Order (14-54083343) for Notice VN124386422, plate 551 RIW ($9.10) but they wanted an extra $60 for each missed toll. That is NOT fair because they allow I-Pass participants to pay ONLY they tolls they miss. Two sets of rules. And what of our inconvenience and discomfort because these idiots are too lazy to or too greedy to fix the rest rooms at the Plaza 69 Dixon I-88 since March 2012. The toll operator told me to go outside behind the building ! Not her fault that these crooks are operating under the influence of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Who is in Charge ? Kristi LaFleur ? Michael Colsch (815) 609-5861 or 847-931-8570, or Jeff Redding (847) 265-1273 ? or Tom Weisner (630) 892 3828 0r 3316 ? Where is the accountability of these crooks ? I demand that they file a suit IF they believe they have ANYTHING coming. According to City of Cedar Rapids vs Astinger they MUST have a claim of Injury or Damages in order to win. It’s called a VERIFIABLE COMPLAINT & is REQUIRED in ALL cases. You Tube: Legal Land, click Mark Stevens for more case law. They MUST have a Valid Cause of Action (They NEVER DO) They use deception and intimidation and scare tactics to get people to pay. IF they were honest and offered honest services and roads (NOT obstacle courses with pot holes or unending CONstruction) it wouldn’t be so bad. These folks are Hwy Robbers. Tell the Gov. Quinn to get on it. You Tube: Lawless America

  4. Paul says:

    What does one do when the tollway authority tries to extort money out of you for fraudulent unpaid tolls that don’t belong to you? I assume they are doing this to raise revenue because they know that the average citizen has neither the time nor the means to fight bogus toll charges in court.

    It is easy to end up in a nightmare scenario where they threaten to destroy your credit rating and take you to court for money you do not owe. Can these criminals be prosecuted for extortion?

  5. Audrey says:

    My solution after getting a bill for $86. for 4 tolls they way were unpaid- but which remain a mystery to me- is to now the tollway altogether. There are alternate routes to most places.

  6. James Hostetter says:

    My partner loaned her car temporarily to her daughter in Chicago. The daughter listed the license plate on her IPass account. The daughter later purchased the vehicle. Apparently a few tolls were missed and the daughter contacted the authority and paid tolls and fines totaling over $200. Now several months later my partner receives bills totaling over $100 for two $11 tolls that the authority did not mention when she paid the tolls.

    Paying $1000 for tolls of $20 is extortion, particularly when it was the authority’s oversight not to mention them, nor to notify us in a timely manner.

  7. john says:

    A new low in tollway toll collection scored by Illinois Tollway.
    Certain Tollway exits now only allow Ipass holders to exit legally.
    You cannot use US currency at the exit from the Tollway (part of the
    Interstate Highway system). What a blessing for the state. Save money
    on interchange real estate and structures, catch unsuspecting foreigners
    and make them pay fines as the criminals they are for not buying
    an Ipass.

  8. Jeff says:


    I’ve never seen that – which exist have you seen that only have I-Pass – there is usally both a I-pass scanner and a toll drop bucket at all the smaller exists

  9. john says:

    Rt 47 on the Northwest Tollway in Huntley. I will owe over $200 for 3 tolls.

  10. Jeff says:


    The tollways’s website indicates that cash customers can use unmanned ramp plazas, but must use exact change:

    “Ramp plazas are unattended so cash customers must use exact change to pay their tolls. Any combination of U.S. coins, including pennies, is accepted. Bills are not accepted.”

    If there is no way to pay cash at the Rt. 47 ramp plaza, even with exact change, you may want to try and contest any penalty.

  11. john says:

    Sounds reasonable, but we’re talking Illinois Tollway. The new construction of the Rt47 interchange eliminated the cash collection.
    I visited Huntly last December and was shocked. I live in Kentucky
    which makes it difficult to attend any hearing to contest $2.
    I did send $2 with a civil note. Thinking of not paying the fine,
    but it will still be expensive in the long run due to the DLC (Driver License Compact) between states.
    If the Tollway was a commercial venture that had hidden hoops to
    jump thru or be billed, they wouldn’t last long.

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