Friday’s Ride Marks 15th Anniversary Of Critical Mass

Bikers "Mass" up traffic in Wicker Park

It’s a big day for Critical Mass Chicago.

Today the bike ride that clogs up city traffic the last Friday of every month with several thousand bikers, celebrates it’s 15th anniversary this September 28th.

“There are reports of Chicago Critical Mass rides happening in the early nineties, but no one has records of when the first rides started, so we mark our anniversary from September 1997, when cyclists first started massing up around the Chicago Picasso,” states the Critical Mass Chicago website. “Fifteen years later, Chicago Critical Mass draws thousands of participants the last Friday of every month growing stronger each year.”

In honor of the group’s 15 year milestone, drivers should assume a higher volume of participants for this evening’s ride. Perhaps one indication of the size of this month’s ride is the fact the group is giving away 1000 free T-shirts to commemorate the event.

So drivers should expect longer wait times if they happen to get stuck at an intersection where the Mass is flowing through. Traffic can be delayed anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the number of Mass participants.

Critical Mass Chicago’s 15th Anniversary ride steps off at 5:30 from Daley Center Plaza. The 10-20 mile route through the city is unknown until just minutes before the ride begins.

So, as Critical Mass riders have been hollering at motorists and bystanders for the last 15 years…

“Happy Friday!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We tried to track down someone from Critical Mass Chicago to discuss this month’s ride, but were unsuccessful.

5 Responses to Friday’s Ride Marks 15th Anniversary Of Critical Mass

  1. Jeff says:

    Hmmm. I wonder where I can get my hands on 10,000 roofing nails.

  2. Yeah, 3-pointed nail or glycerin sprayers

  3. cyclist/driver/pedestrian/humanbeing says:

    In your own words, Geek: “While I understand your frustration with some of the previous comments on this story, understand we don’t really censor anyone’s comments around here. The main exception is slander, libel or threats of violence or bodily harm.”

    Call me crazy, but the previous 2 comments seem to be “threats of violence or bodily harm.” You can laugh it off as a joke, but these types of criminal actions against cyclists do happen and can cause serious harm. I am not amused.

  4. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Mr. Cyclist/driver etal,

    I think it’s pretty evident the commentators are joking.

  5. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Mr. Cyclist,

    And, just to be clear, when we say “threats of violence or bodily harm,” we mean directed at a specific individual or organization.

    IE: “I want to stab ___________Insert Someone’s Name___________________.” or “I am going to kick _______So & So’s_________ ass!”

    If you like to write a guest column/post about actual attacks or vandalism directed against bikers, I would love to publish it.

    Or, feel free to relate stories/experiences about jackasses who attack bikers here. I would be very curious to hear about it.

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