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Atlanta Driver Ticketed For Having Romney Bumper Sticker?

One Atlanta driver claims a city parking officer gave him a parking ticket at least partially because he had a Mitt Romney bumper sticker on his car according to Fox Atlanta News.

The driver does not dispute he was parked illegally and deserved the ticket, but he does take umbrage with the parking officer seeing the Romney sticker then saying something to the effect of, “Oh, I’m definitely going to give you a ticket now,” according to the driver.

Friday’s Ride Marks 15th Anniversary Of Critical Mass

Bikers "Mass" up traffic in Wicker Park

It’s a big day for Critical Mass Chicago.

Today the bike ride that clogs up city traffic the last Friday of every month with several thousand bikers, celebrates it’s 15th anniversary this September 28th.

“There are reports of Chicago Critical Mass rides happening in the early nineties, but no one has records of when the first rides started, so we mark our anniversary from September 1997, when cyclists first started massing up around the Chicago Picasso,” states the Critical Mass Chicago website. “Fifteen years later, Chicago Critical Mass draws thousands of participants the last Friday of every month growing stronger each year.”

In honor of the group’s 15 year milestone, drivers should assume a higher volume of participants for this evening’s ride. Perhaps one indication of the size of this month’s ride is the fact the group is giving away 1000 free T-shirts to commemorate the event.

Bad, Sad Day For The Geekmobile

It was impossible to stop.

Impact was all but assured when the young woman jerked her just purchased SUV out of the alley and into the street about a hundred feet directly in front of my vehicle that was innocently motoring down a street in the Edison Park neighborhood.

Screeching, skidding, shrieking tires from desperate brakes would not change the crumpled destiny that awaited the front end of my 1999 Toyota Camry.

City Debuts New Pedestrian Safety Treatments Near Southside School

The Chicago Department of Transportation unveiled the recent construction of new traffic calming and pedestrian safety treatments near one Southside school Thursday afternoon.

CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein visited Claremont Academy Elementary School at 2300 W. 64th St., to show off some of the new safety tools available to reduce juvenile pedestrian crashes.

This includes pedestrian refuge islands, speed humps, pedestrian countdown timers, more visible signage, lead pedestrian intervals which give pedestrians a head start crossing before vehicles can move, crosswalk and street markings and dynamic speed feedback signs which show drivers their speed in real time.

“Protecting our youngest pedestrians around parks and schools in imperative, and making our streets more safe and pedestrian friendly is our priority,” said Klein. “Our safety zone program will improve safety around these community anchors and encourage more pedestrian activity among children.”

Court Supervision For Traffic Violations Comes Under Fire

Any driver who’s ever had a traffic ticket knows what court supervision is.

Essentially, a driver requesting supervision from a traffic court judge will usually be given a probational period of time to behave themselves on the road. If they keep their nose clean, the violation stays off the driver’s record.

But if a motorist is pinched for another traffic violation within the defined time period, the judge may uphold a conviction on the original ticket.

But court supervision for traffic violations has come under scrutiny recently due to some egregious overuse by judges.

Michigan Ave. Ramp To Lake Shore Drive Closing For Six Weeks

A construction sign flashes the dates when the Michigan Ave. entrance ramp viaduct will be closed

UPDATE: Construction crews closed the Michigan Ave. entrance ramp to northbound Lake Shore Drive early Monday morning to begin their six week construction project.

Thousands of drivers who use the Michigan Avenue entrance ramp to Lake Shore Drive will have to find an alternative way onto LSD starting October 1st.

The Chicago Department of Transportation announced it will be close the northbound viaduct entrance ramp (at Oak Street) to the drive for six weeks for major repairs until mid-November.

Red Light Camera Riddle In Suburban Justice

UPDATE Tuesday night: The Village of Justice’s village board has voted to put Chief of Police Gedville on administrative leave while the town attorney can conduct an investigation according to the Tribune.

Something weird is going on in the now, ironically named Justice, Illinois.

The small southwest suburban village has two red light camera locations.

RLC vendor SafeSpeed, LLC won the contract last September on the advice of the town’s police chief Robert Gedville, and the cameras went live this past June.

But, according to the Chicago Tribune, Gedville sent unsolicited emails promoting SafeSpeed’s red light camera services to over 50 other suburbs claiming he was a consultant for the company.

Not surprisingly, the Mayor of Justice says Gedville’s actions may violate the town’s policy which prevents city employees to enter into any sort of financial arrangement with a city vendor.

Hot Women Getting Parking Tickets

Hot Hollywood Women Getting Parking Tickets by NewsLook

Combining two popular topics here at The Expired Meter, parking tickets and beautiful women, here’s a video that spotlights attractive Hollywood actresses who get parking tickets.


Sadly, the answer is yes.

Fall Bridge Lift Begins Saturday

Saturday is the first day of autumn and coincidentally, is also the first day of Chicago’s annual fall bridge lift season.

With the boating season nearing its end, the city schedules regular days and times for boat captains to move their sail boats from Lake Michigan to dry dock via the Chicago River.

Every Saturday and Wednesday morning from late September through mid November, the Chicago Department of Transportation raises movable bridges sequentially along the main and south branches of the river to allow these tall masted ships to pass without obstruction.

“The City coordinates with local boat storage yards each year to create a schedule that accommodates boats while creating the least amount of impact on downtown street traffic,” said CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein.

Illinois Tollway Goes To Court To Collect Unpaid Tolls

The Illinois Tollway Authority is not playing around anymore.

If drivers using the tollway don’t pay unpaid tolls and fines, they could end up in court soon.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Tollway Authority filed lawsuits in DuPage and Cook County in an attempt to collect on very large, unpaid tolls totally $1.8 million.

This includes, according to the report, a trucking company which owes more than $150,000, a day care center with a $19,000 bill and a plumbing company which owes around $60,000.

And while most of the larger outstanding debts are owed by businesses with fleets of vehicles, the Tribune reports at least one individual living in the suburbs owes the tollway a jaw dropping $100,000.

But the $1.8 million from the 43 initial lawsuits is just a drop in the bucket. The Tollway Authority says it’s owed $300 million in unpaid tolls and fines going back to 2001.

Here’s the Tribune’s full story, “Tollway takes top toll violators to court.”