Parking Tickets Paid, But State Worker Still Having Wages Garnished

Earlier this year, the City of Chicago began utilizing a state law that allows municipalities to collect unpaid debt by taking taxpayers’ Illinois state tax refunds or, in the case of state workers, garnishing wages directly from their pay checks.

Chicago has collected millions in unpaid debt, the bulk of which has been outstanding parking tickets and red light camera tickets sometimes going back 20 years.

But according to CBS 2 News, one food service worker at the University of Illinois who owed over $1200 in parking tickets, the Illinois Comptroller’s Office got the money she owed in full, but is continuing to dock her every pay check anyways.

Here’s CBS 2′s full story, “State Worker: State Docking My Pay, Even After I Paid Off Debt.”

12 Responses to Parking Tickets Paid, But State Worker Still Having Wages Garnished

  1. Chitownbootman says:

    Uhhh, Duh! Maybe not rack up $1,200 in tix to begin with and avoid the situation all together. Reap what you sow…

  2. Greg says:

    So its OK to keep taking money out of her check when she no longer owes any? Is that what you are saying?

  3. Drew says:

    I would only ask one thing..

    Was it 1200 in fines before or after doubling and going to collections and then having to be collected via Garnishment?

    Once a debit goes to the garnishment phase…there are additional fee’s and costs that get added to the initial bill.

    So the 1200 in tickets could have ended up totaling a lot more.

    This individual should be contacting her Gvt Agencies Comptroller office or payroll division and they can tell her exactly how much the total garnishment will be before it ends.

  4. Chitownbootman says:

    No Greg, my point is if people would just pay the tix to begin with there would not be a situation to begin with, then again as long as morons refuse to pay their tix I have job security ;-)

  5. Pete says:

    So again, if someone fails to pay a ticket, then any and all means of collections against them are OK even if they exceed what the law allows? Spoken like a true bootman.

  6. Chitownbootman says:


  7. Chitownbootman says:

    Pete, I dont know of any 1 (one) ticket that would amount to $1,200. Sounds like multiple tix she chose to ignore. She got what she deserved and then some. To this day I cant figure out scofflaws and their mentality. What do non payers think is going to happen if they shrug all their tickets off? Im by no means complaining about them because like I said before, I have a job thanks to them. Forgetting one ticket? I could even see forgetting two….but give me a break, $1,200 is just ignorance.

  8. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Chitownbootman, you’re right.

    Someone with $1200 worth of tickets can’t really bitch about it and claim it was a teeny weeny little mistake. There’s nothing little about $1200.

    But, if this story is accurate and she did pay off the $1200, the state needs to stop taking money out of her pay checks and refund anything over the $1200 she is owed.

    My guess what’s happening to this young women is a mistake of some sort. Mistakes do happen. But it’s not right and needs to be corrected.

  9. Chitownbootman says:

    Lesson learned, I bet she pays (or at least contest) any future tix in a timely manner. Once the system has you, its kind of hard to break free from it.

  10. Capt M-Plate says:

    Here is another point…the 1200 that originally caused the garnishment would accrue any newly aquired tickets under the payment plan process.

    She would instantly be debited outstanding tickets with no chance or option to contest them after 7 days of issuance.

  11. Annonymous says:

    You like to research things Geek:


    Why does the Department of Finance need 5 or 6 Deputy Directors earning over 112k a year?

    Why does the Department of Finance need A Deputy Director of Street Operations Position at 118k a year when there is a Managing Director in Charge of Parking at 130k+ a year?
    Why are there 6 Parking Investigators at 60k a year when there are Security Officers at 80k= a year that do that?

    Why does Finance have 7 Deputy Comptrollers at 95K to 121k a year?
    Why 18 Staff Assistants making between 51k and 77k a year when you have Student Interns making between 9800 and 15.4k a year?
    13 Supervising Clerks at over 52.2 to 76.4k a year when there are only 16 Clerks?

  12. Remedy says:

    Because if they didnt work in this department where would they put all these clout babies?

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