Last Week To Get Your Chicago City Sticker

The end is near.

There are exactly seven days left until Chicago vehicle owners need to purchase and display their Chicago city vehicle sticker on their windshield or face heavy fines and/or late fees.

The 2011-12 city sticker expired on June 30th, but the Chicago City Clerk’s office always gives drivers a 15 day grace period to comply. This year, July 15th falls on a Sunday.

But the last minute rush for city stickers may be less hectic than in past years. Because based on city sticker sales numbers released by City Clerk Susana Mendoza’s office, many more city stickers have been sold this year.

Much of the increase is probably due to the extended sales season which began over four weeks earlier than in previous years with a May 1st start compared to the normal June 1st.

According to numbers as of June 30th, the Clerk’s office has sold 681,965 stickers–that’s 76,000 more than the same time last year–a full 12% increase. Online sales are up 8% over last year while sales at Currency Exchanges and other community locations are up 32% compared to last year.

“From the beginning of my term, I made a promise to save taxpayer money while improving the customer experience,” says City Clerk Mendoza. “I’m proud that this year’s sticker season to date has surpassed last year’s record.”

However, with one week left, procrastinating drivers need to get moving.

While purchasing online is a convenient way of getting this year’s sticker, if you use the Clerk’s EZ Buy website now, you will probably not get your sticker in time.

There are still many options for motorists to purchase their city stickers before the deadline. Chicagoans can go to one of the City Clerk’s three offices as well as the several Department of Finance payment center locations. Another option is to use your neighborhood Currency Exchanges which are convenient outlets for the stickers but do charge a small convenience fee for the service.

This year, city stickers will cost most car owners $85, while owners of larger SUV type vehicles will pay $135 and small truck owners will have to pony up $200.

But no matter what, drivers must get their 2012-2013 city sticker on their vehicle’s windshield no later than July 15th.

That’s because fines for not having your city sticker after the grace period ends are now $200–a fine which can be levied every day. In addition, there’s a $60 late fee if you buy your city sticker after July 15th.

What are you waiting for? Get moving!

2 Responses to Last Week To Get Your Chicago City Sticker

  1. DoR Employee says:

    Geek makes a great point..

    200.00 ticket
    60.00 late purchase fee
    40/85 to $$$$ per sticker

    My neighbor ‘forgot’ to buy his Motorcycle medallion for his Harley…
    300.00 in fines and fee’s to avoid a ticket tomorrow is a heck of a reminder when you consider the Clerk started Sales earlier than last year.

  2. kenneth rooney says:


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