Emanuel All Talk, No Action On Parking Meter Deal

He’s full of crap.

That is essentially the conclusion the Chicago Reader’s Mick Dumke comes to about Rahm Emanuel’s position on the parking meter lease deal in a recent piece.

As you probably know, Emanuel has recently been very outspoken about the nearly $50 million in bills Chicago Parking Meters, LLC has sent the city for over use of disabled parking and for meter closures for the past two years.

He’s very publicly and brashly denounced the bills and says he won’t pay them. Unfortunately for the Mayor, there’s this teeny tiny obstacle to his stance. It’s called a contract.

You remember. That several hundred page document the city paid a big time law firm nearly $700,000 to draft and/or review before former Mayor Daley signed it thus giving away right the parking meters for 75 years. If you go by the contract, CPM has every right to claim the compensation it asks for.

But as Dumke points out, while Emanuel has been publicly against the lease deal, city attorneys have been defending the meter lease deal in court.


You see, back in 2009, the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization filed a lawsuit claiming the meter deal was illegal and the contract should be torn up.

Dumke explains.

Parts of the suit have since been tossed out by a Cook County judge, but the central claim remains: that the city illegally auctioned off its power to set public policy that manages traffic and parking.

Instead of instructing city attorneys to join the attack on the deal—or at least remain neutral—the mayor has them working to keep it in place.

Hilariously, a city spokesperson tries to explain away the contradictions of Emanuel’s talk vs. actions–explanations which gives Dumke fodder to further decimate the Mayor’s position by pointing out even more ugly details of the meter deal and the suspect behavior of key players in the how the deal was did.

While perhaps not intended to be a humor piece, all one can do is laugh at the ridiculousness of it all when reading Dumke’s report.

Check out Mick Dumke’s full piece, “On meter deal, legal action speaks louder than words.”

10 Responses to Emanuel All Talk, No Action On Parking Meter Deal

  1. Remedy says:

    Come on all you union busting, city worker haters out there…sell some more of our assets to private firms! What is it, like 95 more years of this to keep biting us in the ass? Would have been wiser to keep the cash cows we call metered parking, raise the rates a little and let it be controlled by in house employees of the city. Rahm isnt paying the bill, so I smell a lawsuit which will cost even more in the end. Chicago is like a child saying, “When I grow up, I wanna be just like Detroit”. Well on our way!!!

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Grand slam Remedy!

    Chicago is like a child saying, “When I grow up, I wanna be just like Detroit”. Well on our way!!!

    But I ask you this? What’s the common political denominator between Detroit, Chicago, and Illinois, New York state, and California? I mean, beyond the obvious fact they are all financial failures.

  3. Remedy says:

    You got me on that one Geek. We sold the Skyway and Meters, New York sold their water system, and well…..Detroit sold everything :-/

  4. Capt M-Plate says:

    The common denominator is that both cities are historically run by criminals..

    Chicago Politicians are just smarter than Detroit pol’s in they get caught Less.

  5. Annonymous says:

    No kidding Rahm is all talk and no action.

    He is working on funding for his next political aspiration because he knows his ass is kicked out after one term in this city.

  6. kg says:

    That headline is four words too long.

  7. betterfredthandead says:

    Jackassery at its finest.

  8. Chilakeview80 says:

    Ummm…Rahm didn’t pay the teachers based on our contract.

  9. Lynn Stevens says:

    I guess I missed this before, but thought this nugget from Hilkevich’s column(http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/automotive/ct-met-getting-around-0820-20120820,0,2799509.column) was interesting: “In 2008, the CTA and city were awarded, then later forfeited, a $153 million federal grant for the BRT project. The grant was rescinded after a deadline was missed for the city to develop a congestion-pricing parking meter program aimed at reducing the number of automobiles downtown.”

    So, in 2008, instead of working on a demand pricing model for the parking meters that the city could have managed itself, the city worked on the “lease” deal. We can add the $153 million forfeited to the cost of the deal to Chicago taxpayers.

  10. Dr. Suess says:


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