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Inspector General Investigates Overnight Booting Crews

Finds $320,000 In Lost Wages But Problem Gets Fixed

A Chicago boot van catches an unaware scofflaw's vehicle at night

The night shift was slacking off.

That’s the short version of the results of an investigation of night shift booters–the people who immobilize vehicles with too many unpaid parking tickets–by the Chicago Inspector General’s office.

According to an IGO report, since overnight booting began in late 2009, there were some scheduling issues with the Department of Streets & Sanitation dispatchers, who helped verify if a vehicle was boot eligible or not, which essentially resulted in booters being instructed by their managers to take long lunches and extra breaks near the end of their shift.

This violation of city policy resulted in the number of boots being placed to drop to nearly zero for the last two hours of the overnight shift from 4-6 AM.

City Sticker Sales Enter Last Two Weeks

City Clerk Susana Mendoza works the line for city stickers at City Hall during lunch time Friday

Friday during lunch time, City Clerk Susana Mendoza stood in room 107 of City Hall, surrounded by drivers standing in line looking to purchase their 2012-2013 Chicago city vehicle sticker.

Between pointing motorists toward the next open window, answering questions and generally keeping the line moving as quickly as possible, Mendoza took a few moments when possible to shake hands, introduce herself and chat with the waiting, and sometimes impatient masses.

Mendoza and her staff do not like lines and have worked over her first 15 months in office to keep lines for in-person sales as short as possible this year through a emphasizing website sales and extending the sales season by a full month.

“This is the longest line we’ve seen so far,” said Mendoza enthusiastically about the lack of lines at City Hall this year. “It’s only the third day of long lines out the door (and into the hallway at City Hall. By extending the season the customer experience has been infinitely better.”

Good Samaritan Thrown In Jail For Warning Drivers About Speed Trap

No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

In one particular case, a pedestrian wound up in jail for using a sign to warn drivers of an impending speed trap.