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Emanuel, Parking Meter Company At Odds Over Bills

It’s safe to say Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Parking Meters, LLC are not BFFs these days.

This might have to do with CPM billing Chicago for tens of millions of dollars for compensation for lost revenue per the parking meter lease agreement and Emanuel is refusing to pay.

The problem for the Mayor is, according to the contract CPM is entitled to compensation when metered parking spaces are taken out of commission for construction, street festivals, etc., and for too many drivers using handicap license plates and placards to park for free.

None of this is really breaking news.

But according to the Chicago Tribune, temperatures on both sides are rising over a $14 million bill for street closures.

Critical Mass Messes Up Traffic Tonight

It’s the last Friday of the month.

That means bikes, bikes and more bikes with June’s Critical Mass ride.

The two-wheeled anarchy steps off at 5:30 PM from Daley Center and will wind somewhere through city streets during rush hour on a 10-20 mile route. The route is unknown until the ride begins.

Chicago City Stickers Expire June 30th

Braving oppressive 100 degree heat on Thursday, Michael Robinson spent the afternoon getting the word out to West Side drivers about the deadline on city stickers.

Wearing a traditional sandwich board sign with a picture of this year’s sticker, Robinson stood at the corner of North Ave. and Laramie Ave., across the street from a Currency Exchange, reminding people the end was near–the end of city sticker season that it.

A few other people, dressed in bright orange T-shirts and waving signs pointing to the Currency Exchange stood on corners opposite Robinson as streams of cars drove by.

Drivers can get their city stickers a myriad of ways, and using one of over 400 neighborhood Currency Exchanges is one convenient option for busy car owners. Currency Exchanges charge a $5.50 convenience fee on top of this year’s $85 fee for most passenger cars or $135 for larger, SUV type vehicles.

When The Un-Expired Meter Gets Ticketed

What happens when you get an expired meter ticket, even though you still have time on your meter receipt?

Well, of course you should contest it.

But these days, you tweet a photo of this travesty of justice first.

Marcy Capron was in this situation the other day and tweeted the photo and her disgust saying via her Twitter account, “Excuse me police person, but my sticker wasn’t expired yet! Idiot…”

Hopefully Ms. Capron will see this situation through and fight her ticket.

Hat tip to Logan Square resident and urban planner (and friend of this website) Lynn Stevens, who tweets about both subjects on her @peoplingplaces Twitter account.

Chicago Speed Camera Program Comes Up For Bid

While Illinois’ speed camera enforcement law doesn’t go into effect until July 1st, the City of Chicago has begun the process of seeking bids for their budding speed cam program.

On Friday, Chicago’s Department of Procurement released the documentation for the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the city’s automated speed enforcement program.

The winning bidder would get an initial five year contract with the possibility of three 2-year contract extensions. The contract would provide the winning company a minimum of 25 and maximum of 300 speed camera locations, with no more than 50 speed cams installed in the first year of the program.

How To Get That #@%! City Sticker Off Your Windshield

10 Tips For Making Removal Of Last Year’s Sticker A Breeze

Every June, or early July, it’s the same thing.

You schlep outside onto the street or into the garage to place your spankin’ new Chicago city vehicle sticker onto your windshield but then…


You realize you have to remove last year’s sticker first.

And you start swearing under your breath, because that damn sticker is a real bitch to scrape off!

You try peeling it off, picking at it with a fingernail, or battling with it using your trusty razor blade, hacking away as shards of sticker spray onto your dashboard and car floor.

Removing your city sticker is always a pain in the butt. And when you’re done, you need an couple of aspirin and a stiff drink.

Outside of replacing the whole darn windshield, there has to be an easier way.

Actually, there seems to be several easier ways.

The Parking Ticket Geek has been on a quest to round up all the very best tips and advice for getting that #@%! city sticker off your windshield. And here’s what we’ve found.

Evanston Considering Speed Cameras

Just a few short months after Chicago passed an ordinance to bring speed camera enforcement to the streets of Chicago, it looks like the City of Evanston is considering the same thing.

According to the Evanston Patch, despite improving safety trends in the town on Chicago’s northern border, some aldermen there feel speed cameras could bring even more safety to their city.

There’s already a committee considering a whole slew of traffic safety improvements including sidewalk bump outs, reducing the speed limit to 25 mph on major thoroughfares, installing dynamic speed displays and other methods besides speed cams.

This committee will report to the Evanston City Council its finding and recommendations in August.

There’s only one problem.

Red Light Camera Tickets Could Endanger Taxi Licenses

Driving a taxi cab in Chicago is hard.

Long hours, little pay, and lots of regulations.

Of course, parking tickets and red light camera tickets are just occupational hazards for most cabbies.

But now, taxi drivers with too many red light camera tickets could face losing their taxi license according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which oversees taxi driver licensing, is getting monthly reports on the number of RLC tickets taxis are receiving.

Tribune Editorial Board Still Hate Parking Meter Lease Deal

At least they are consistent.

The Chicago Tribune editorial board told City Council members to vote against the original and now infamous, Chicago parking meter lease deal back in 2008 under Mayor Daley.

Fast forward to the present, and the Trib editorial board is imploring current Mayor Rahm Emanuel to figure out a way to renegotiate the ultra-craptacular one sided deal that may cost Chicago more than the $1.16 billion it got as payment for the 75 year lease of the city’s metered parking concession.

BMW Causes Luxury Car Sandwich In Downtown Parking Garage

The brake is on the left, gas pedal on the right.

Just a reminder to drivers when they pull into a multi-level downtown parking garage.

One motorist returning a rented BMW, forgot this driving maxim and allegedly got brake and accelerator confused in a Loop parking garage Thursday. As a result of accidentally hitting the gas, the 74-year old busted through a barrier and came crashing down on top of a Jaguar and Mercedes on the level below according to CBS TV.