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Crashes Down At Western Springs RLC Intersections?

Village officials in west suburban Western Springs say crashes are down at two intersections where red light cameras were installed back in 2009 according to The Doings newspaper.

Crashes dropped at the intersection of Ogden and Wolf Road from an average of 23 in the three years before 2009, to 11 per year since May 2009.

At the village’s other RLC located at 55th and Wolf Road, crashes dropped from seven before the cameras to four in 2009 and just one in 2010, after cameras were installed.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has not released 2011 crash data.

One thing the story and village officials ignored in their analysis is that IDOT changed the way crashes are documented back in 2009–the year the cameras were installed in Western Springs.

Two Cops Cleared In Bogus Parking Ticket Case

Two Chicago Police officers accused of issuing bogus parking tickets to a Palos Hills man, have been cleared of any wrong doing by the Chicago Police Board according to the Chicago Tribune.

The officers were accused of being involved with a ticket writing plot against Mark Geinosky, who received 24 parking tickets at locations he had never been. Geinosky fought and beat all 24 tickets and then filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city.

Jon Yates, the Chicago Tribune’s Problem Solver columnist brought Geinosky’s plight to light back in 2009 after the Chicago Police Department ignored his pleas to investigate the bogus tickets.

Tasered Over Tickets Lady Files Lawsuit

I wasn’t there.

And you weren’t there.

So neither of us know what really happened back on June 5th when Chicago Police officers used a stun gun to subdue an eight month pregnant Tiffany Rent.

But Thursday she’s filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Fun With Physics! Join Us For A Free Lecture On Improving Traffic Safety

Renowned Physicist To Give TalkĀ  “Why Drivers Run Red Lights”

Sure, even if it’s been a few years since you cracked a book for your last physics class, you’re still invited.

We absolutely promise, you won’t need a slide rule or a calculator to attend a special lecture on traffic safety with physicist and traffic safety expert Brian Ceccarelli next Monday, June 18th at 7 PM.

“Why Drivers Run Red Lights,” is the title of Ceccarelli’s talk, co-sponsored by The Expired Meter and the Red Light Camera Doctor, where Ceccarelli will use his physics background to explain his theories on why the current methods of determining yellow light timing intervals may be causing unnecessary traffic accidents.

“I’m going to make a little physicist out of everyone in about 15 minutes,” chuckled Ceccarelli when asked if people would need an advanced degree in mathematics, science or engineering to attend his lecture.

Big Apple Moves Forward With Parking Meter Privatization

Despite Chicago’s historically epic failure in privatizing its parking meter system in 2008, New York City has opted to move ahead with doing a similar thing there.

In fact, NYC is citing Chicago by name, as the model for what not to do to successfully pull off a meter privatization deal according to the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ is reporting New York City issued a request for qualification (RFQ) for potential vendors to manage the city’s 80,000+ metered parking spaces on Monday. This is the first step towards requesting bids for the contract and eventually awarding a vendor with a deal to manage the nation’s biggest parking meter system grossing $150 million a year, while netting $93 million a year for the city.

IDOT Proposes Moving I-290 On/Off Ramps In Oak Park

From left to right.

That’s the shift the Illinois Department of Transportation is proposing for two on and off ramps on I-290 located at Harlem Ave. and Austin Ave. on Monday according to the Oak Leaves newspaper.

These two entrance/exit ramps are familiar to motorists who drive to or from the west as they come through Oak Park. These two exits are unique as the ramps are located in the center of the expressway as opposed on the right hand side like most on and off ramps.

The reason for the suggested ramp moves is safety according to the Chicago Tribune.

Tribune Gets Some Red Light Camera Justice In Hillside

Even the Grim Reaper cannot escape red light camera tickets in the Village of Hillside according to one woman.

One irate woman driver reported to the Chicago Tribune’s Problem Solver column that she was issued a red light camera ticket in Hillside even though she was in a funeral procession.

She allegedly fought the RLC ticket and lost, with the hearing officer upholding the violation. That’s despite the fact being part of a funeral procession is one of the very few circumstances that can be raised as a legitimate legal defense for a red light camera violation. The driver even brought documentation to prove her case.

After complaining to the Problem Solver column, writer Jon Yates contacted Hilliside. The back pedaling by Hillside was furious and fast with village officials claiming they had offered to clear up the situation when the driver complained to them immediately after the original hearing date.

Naked Bike Riders Hit Chicago Streets Saturday Night


They’re not shooting a bike themed soft core porno movie here in Chicago.

The World Naked Bike Ride Chicago is a real event.

In fact, this Saturday evening’s ride is the 9th year it’s been held in Chicago.

Hospital Patient Move Means Traffic, Parking Impact In Lincoln Park Saturday

The children are moving Saturday.

The brand new Lurie Children’s Hospital in Streeterville is finally ready.

Walls are painted, lifesaving medical equipment has been installed, beds are ready, doctors and nurses are waiting.

Now it’s the children’s turn to move.

All day Saturday, Fullerton Ave. will be closed from Lincoln Ave. to Lake Shore Drive to allow ambulances to transport about 200 very ill young patients from old hospital to new.

The move will begin about 6 AM from Children’s Memorial Hospital in Lincoln Park and is expected to take between 10 and 18 hours to complete according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Pregnant Women Tasered Over Parking Ticket

Here’s a tip.

Don’t rip up a parking ticket and throw it in a police officer’s face.

Because you could get yourself tasered and thrown in jail.

That’s what a happened to a pregnant woman Wednesday, who was unhappy with a cop who wrote her a ticket for parking in a spot reserved for the disabled in a southside Walgreen’s parking lot according to the Chicago Sun-Times.