Speed Cameras May Zoom Into Your Town Soon

Amendment Could Bring Speed Enforcement To Suburbs

That didn’t take long.

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel fast tracked legislation in Springfield to allow Chicago to employ speed camera enforcement within 1/8 of a mile of schools and parks back in November, drivers wondered if and when speed cameras would come to their town.

Now, less than three months later, and only 21 days from when the original bill was signed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, speed cameras may be expanding into towns outside Chicago sooner than later.

In a recently introduced amendment to SB0952 sponsored by Senator Antonio Munoz (D-Chicago), other Illinois municipalities may be able to utilize the same enforcement technology Mayor Emanuel pushed so hard for, if the bill can make it through the Illinois General Assembly.

Munoz cites Mayor Emanuel’s work to bring speed camera enforcement to Chicago as the inspiration for the bill.

“This proposal mirrors the mayor’s proposal for the city with the goal being to protect school children,” says Munoz. “We would all love for people to not speed in school zones and around parks where children are playing. Unfortunately, they do. At the same time, police departments aren’t immune from budget cuts. Here we have a cost-effective way to enforce our traffic and public safety laws.”

The original speed camera law restricts this type of enforcement to “municipalities with a population of 1,000,000 or more inhabitants.” The amended legislation would strike that and allow speed cameras to be used by towns in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, Madison, McHenry, St. Clair, and Will counties where red light camera enforcement is also currently allowed.

But, the law would not be restricted to towns already employing RLC enforcement. Any municipality in the counties covered could start a speed camera enforcement program.

According to Munoz, several towns have already “expressed interest in the legislation”, including Chicago Heights, Melrose Park and Berwyn.

River Forest Village Administrator Eric Palm, was not aware of the bill and thinks its too early for their town to consider speed camera enforcement as River Forest is still waiting for approval from IDOT for their first red light cameras.

“It’s something we’d have to take a look at, but it’s somewhat premature,” said Palm explaining the town approved their RLC program less than a year ago. “We like to see how the red light cameras work first.”

Allen Skillicorn, a trustee for East Dundee, which has red light camera enforcement program, and won his seat running against red light cameras for his town was taken aback by the speed of the potential expansion of speed camera enforcement statewide.

“I’m surprised, but not surprised there are people in Springfield pushing for another money grab,” said Skillicorn after a pause.

If the law passed, would East Dundee consider speed camera enforcement?

“Over my dead body,” said Skillicorn. “Our town doesn’t seem to need it. I don’t think there would be a justifiable safety reason in our town. I would fight it tooth and nail.”

The legislation is currently being debated in Illinois Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday evening in Springfield.

Chicago Heights Mayor David A. Gonzalez did not return our request for an interview.

16 Responses to Speed Cameras May Zoom Into Your Town Soon

  1. Anonymous says:

    How is this punk still in office?

    His Daddy is in Jail for Gang Related Felonies and Gun Running…Pending Deportation upon Release.

    Its Jaggoff and his daddy ran an Illegal ID scam out of the back of a 1 hour photo on 26th Street back in the day…and CPD knew about this. He’s been Tied to one of the Larger west side Latin Gangs…has been in trouble for ‘holding’ gang guns…Was’t born in the US and it is unknown if he is a Legal Resident or just a Legal Resident Alien…

    There is a confidential ICE investigation into him and his family thats been on going for 10 years. Whose getting Paid in DC?

  2. .Q says:

    Des Plaines already has a couple new mobile speed boards capable of taking photographs of vehicles, just waiting to be used.

  3. Stephen says:


    Quote: 8. Creating new “zones” that were never there before speed scameras. Also known as FAKE school zones:
    http://www.stopbigbrothermd.org/search/label/Fake%20School%20Zones Quote: The Prince George’s County Government will be holding a public hearing on July 12th on a list of proposed speed camera sites. The list include 55 ‘established school zones’ and 58 sites which are not currently designated school zones, but which would become school zones under the new plan.

  4. Des Plaines must be so proud and wants to built on their RLC achievement of increasing crashes 57 percent in only 12 months after installation! Imagine what they can do with speed cameras?!!!

  5. Pete says:

    Red light and speed cameras will be and have been abused everywhere they have been installed. Anything from shortening red light timing, expanding enforcement zones, making traffic lights and speed limit signs less visible, and erroneous citations with no meaningful appeals process all make the cameras more profitable at the expense of public safety and honest government.

  6. As soon as the Governor endorsed the Chicago Mayor’s revenue grab with speed cameras that may cover 50+% of Chicago, the expansion of the blatant revenue grab to other cities couldn’t be far behind. Hang on to your wallet, or take the bus — the politicians just want your MONEY.
    Note that speed cameras only work when the posted limit is set FAR below the level that would produce the safest and smoothest traffic flow with the fewest accidents. Speed cameras REQUIRE unsafe and artificially low posted speed limits set FAR below the normal traffic speeds in order to issue enough tickets to pay the high costs of the cameras.
    See our website for the science. Then call your state legislators to demand that the new speed camera legislation for Chicago be repealed and not expanded to other Illinois cities. Chicago residents should call their local officials to demand that the newly authorized speed cameras NOT be installed. Legislators and officials that refuse to oppose the cameras must be voted out and replaced with officials that value safety over ticket revenue.
    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, http://www.motorists.org, Ann Arbor, MI (frequent visitor to Chicagoland)

  7. Sauce says:

    The Primary is March 20th. I suggest you all utilize your right to vote. I know I will and there are several of my reps who are not getting my vote this year. I’m actually looking forward to it.

  8. Jim Smith says:

    Vote them all out of office. Vote independent or vote out incumbents. These money hungry politicians won’t stop until they have control over every dollar we earn. These cameras are going to be the spark that causes a revolution.

  9. [...] Expired Meter reports that ever since Mayor Emmanuel fast tracked legislation to provide speeding cameras to streets [...]

  10. GPS Angel says:

    $49 red light / speed camera detector


  11. Jeffrey says:

    Since each municipality that installed the red light cameras also upped the fees for even having a day in court, they effectively accuse, convict and fine with little or no legal appeal for those of low or median means. I understand the need for enforcement, but not for biased enforcement as put into effect in Cook, DeKalb and other counties. The money effectively becomes a tax and not a fine.
    In principle, I’ve no issue with the cameras (assuming they’re managed and supervised properly), but if they are put into place, I’d like to see a modification of the bill limit to $25 total cost to request a court date and/or fight the ticket.

    Write you representative today if you agree and make your opinions known!

  12. BXK says:

    Its only a matter of time before these wonderful “safety” speed cameras will be installed on Illinois expressways, where the 65mph speed limits are insanely low.

    Most of the USA can do with 80+mph limits on rural expressways. We will never see it. Too much $$ involved to pull over someone for “dangerous” speeding going 72 in a 65 in the middle of empty expressways and corn…

    But mark my words, if this is a big money grabber in Chicago, they will try to put it on the expressways.

    One last money grab catching those in the moving trucks on their way out…

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, Sen. Munoz, let’s install these stupid cameras all over IL. BUT….every illegal alien caught by the cameras, who cannot produce a drivers license or insurance, is immediately deported. That is a bargain I can live with. I bet it’s not one you can live with.

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