Exclusive: Speed Camera Ordinance To Be Introduced At Wednesday’s City Council Meeting

Alderman: Goal To Have Cameras Around 1800 Schools & Parks

Don’t blink.

Or you may miss Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speed camera ordinance whizzing through the city council.

According to 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, the ordinance will be introduced at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

Late Friday, alderman were asked to be at special closed door briefing sessions Monday morning to get more details on the proposed speed camera ordinance.

The Illinois state law allowing Chicago to utilize speed camera enforcement was passed by the General Assembly last November and then signed into law just over a month ago by Gov. Pat Quinn.

But a local ordinance must be adopted first before the city can proceed with installing speed cameras.

Originally, city officials claimed existing red light camera locations would be utilized to do double duty and be retrofitted to also do speed enforcement.

But, according to Waguespack’s understanding of the briefing presented by officials from the Mayor’s office, Chicago Police Department and Chicago Department of Transportation, the city’s long range goal is to install speed cameras at 1800 intersections near school and parks under the auspices of slowing down drivers through $50 to $100 fines for speeding near these intersections. The state law calls for cameras to be used within a 1/8 of a mile safety zone surrounding the schools and parks.

While Waguespack says, while the speed enforcement will be from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM (9 PM on Friday) the cameras will be filming 24 hours a day, seven days a week and be utilized as a surveillance camera much like the blue light cameras the Chicago Police use to deter crime in high crime areas of the city.

“Essentially this is what they’ll become,” was Waguespack’s takeaway regarding the big brother aspect of the cameras from Monday morning’s briefing.

Waguespack, who is opposed to the plan says the revenue aspect of the speed camera program was also discussed.

“They definitely feel that’s (revenue) is a good aspect,” said Waguespack. “But it’s all about safety man, c’mon!”

12 Responses to Exclusive: Speed Camera Ordinance To Be Introduced At Wednesday’s City Council Meeting

  1. glg says:

    I assume we’ll see a no from waguespack, but how many others will dare to say no?

  2. .Q says:

    Click the website link above for a map illustrating the coverage of the proposed Safety Zones within the City.

  3. .Q says:

    Argh.. it hides the link as a link out from .Q


  4. Sam D man says:

    Slow traffic down to what speed ? 1920s Ford model Ts.

  5. Juvenal says:

    Wait, will the ordinance be “introduced” on Wednseday, or voted on? The Publinc meetings act requires an agenda be available 48 hourse before something is voted on, this describes today’s meeting as closed-door and invitation only…….

  6. Jose says:

    Voted on

  7. OIF Vet says:

    I’m sure the revenue aspect is just an unintended byproduct of ensuring the safety of children… And $5 says Waguespack will roll over to get a tummy scratch from the one with the short middle finger and Napoleon complex. I doubt there will be more than 4 nays, probably Burns, Hairston, Fioretti and will see who else.

  8. DoR Employee says:

    Waguespack is going to roll. He isn’t running for re-election and will be moved to an appointed and better paying job inside city hall on the 5th floor by mayor ballerina.

  9. Rinzler says:

    Not gonna happen. Scott will stand against it.

  10. Donald Drake says:

    I think there will be a short term huge spike in revenue from these cameras. Then after people get the tickets in the mail, they are going to forever swear off going into the city, cuz they are so pissed off at the fines. How much revenue will Chicago lose from all those suburbanites who no longer will come in the city?

  11. Mark David says:

    The only outcome of this is the income for the city; all they care about is finding new ways to steal our money. The safety issue is only the wrapping paper to make it all look pretty. A platitude not unlike the Drug War; to protect our children. I love this city, but maybe it is time to move away. To a place where I am not watched 24/7 and gouged on every financial aspect of my life-income tax, property tax, gasoline tax, tax on food, sin tax, etc. and now the inevitable speeding tax in the form of a ticket. I seem to recall at these times that the Illinois toll roads where a temporary type of tax to raise a specific revenue, then retired. However, they never were after Chicago got a taste of that income. No amount is never enough for these criminals. They take, take, take, then spend their time finding new ways to take even more. Not to mention Rahm is in close connections to the firm making these cameras, Redflex Traffic Systems, and Greg Goldner. Go figure, that deal must have some slush money going back to the Mayors office in the form of “campaign contributions”. Business as usual in Chicago. We need to form a coalition to run against all Alderman who vote for this, and get ride of them all in the next election. Take back our city for the citizens who live here.

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