Political Insiders Stand To Profit From Chicago Speed Cameras

It’s coincidence.

It’s just an 800 lb. gorilla of a coincidence, so of course Mayor Emanuel will tell you there’s  nothing to see here.

But, it turns out one of Mayor Emanuel’s biggest and longest political supporters stands to profit handsomely if Chicago’s speed camera program comes to fruition according to an excellent Chicago Tribune story published Tuesday.

The story focuses on Greg Goldner, who helped Emanuel win his first term in Congress and now is a consultant for Resolute Consulting, LLC — the political and lobbying consulting firm for Redflex Traffic Systems, the red light camera provider for the City of Chicago. Resolute lobbies on behalf of automated traffic camera enforcement on a national level for Redflex and others.

Goldner and Mayor Emanuel’s office claim the two have not spoken about the speed camera program which would put speed camera enforcement systems all over the city and potentially generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the city as well RedFlex if they get the contract (wink, wink).

Of course, they say it’s all just coincidence.

But the Tribune story connects all the dots and seems to indicate that perhaps if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably more evidence of Chicago’s penchant for a backroom deal that enriches a select few on the backs of the taxpayer.

And while the Tribune has done a good job on this reporting, national camera enforcement news source, The Newspaper.com, has been following the antics of Goldner and Resolute Consulting since last year and had already made many of the connections the Trib is making in their piece.

Read the Tribune’s piece, “Mayor’s speed cameras would help political ally.”

2 Responses to Political Insiders Stand To Profit From Chicago Speed Cameras

  1. Mike says:

    Um, newsflash. Rahm is shady. Bet those who voted for Rahm are like WTF right now. He’s raising the cost of everything and getting his hands into your wallet further than Daley ever tried. Will a second term be likely for Rahm? I don’t know but we do elect morons here.

  2. Not Surprised says:

    I refused to vote for Rahm, and let me say, this is no surprise. At least Daley loved the city. Rahm’s just a power hungry guy who rode Obama’s coattails to the Mayor’s office.

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