Mourners Ticketed During Funeral Procession For Fallen Marine

Corporal Conner Lowry

Corporal Conner Lowry was returning home.

The Marine had been killed in Afghanistan March 1st.

So as Lowry’s body was being transported from Midway Airport to the funeral home on the Southwest Side, Chicagoans pulled over the cars to allow him to pass and show respect for his service and ultimate sacrifice for our country.

However, it seems some mourner’s vehicles were issued parking tickets by insensitive ticket writers for parking illegally during their outpouring of grief during the procession according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

When word of this situation got back to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Parking Enforcement Aides were instructed to stand down immediately and then had all tickets along the route non suited (voided).

“The city recognizes these vehicles were parked temporarily under special circumstances to honor a fallen soldier,” the city Revenue Department said in a statement. “As soon as this was brought to the city’s attention, parking enforcement aides were instructed to stop immediately and complied with this directive.

“All tickets issued in the vicinity during the time of the procession have been voided. We express our sincerest condolences to the family of Corporal Conner Lowry as all of us grieve his passing.”

Good on you Mayor Emanuel.

God speed Cpl. Lowry.

Here’s the Sun-Times full story, “City orders parking aides to stop ticketing cars at Marine’s funeral.”

17 Responses to Mourners Ticketed During Funeral Procession For Fallen Marine

  1. Rinzler says:

    WTF DOF???? That blood thirsty to disrespect a funeral. Had to be Ticketmaster or DoR, although this sounds like a Capt. M Plate move.

    Thank You Rahm for showing some decency. So whose head is going to roll?

  2. AngryCop says:

    How disrespectful; have you no shame?

    There are rules and then there is common sense. I can see that these meter maids are unable to make a decision and simply defer the mindset of: “those are the rules; I don’t make them.” Well, I will tell you, make sure you cross the street within a crosswalk, only when you have the right of way; do not walk parallel to the sidewalk while in the street. If you break, even the most miniscule law in my presence, you will be cited. If you cannot show decency and compassion, you will receive neither.

  3. Juvenal says:

    By what authority can the mayor unilaterally decide to void tickets and order them rescinded? I mean that literally – what law or ordinance authorizes that? Isn’t that what the department of administrative hearings is for? or can the mayor just pick and choose who gets tickets and who does not? I am not saying I think those people should be ticketed, i just want to know the process…..

  4. Capt M-Plate says:

    Sorry guys….wasn’t in that area Friday. And Ticketmaster or LdyPEA wouldn’t do it either. Can’t speak for DoR Employee as I don’t know the person. Glad I wasn’t also, cause I didn’t know that the funeral was Friday.

    Street Ops has a policy to Inform PEA’s of areas that have Special Events or are getting New Signs for this or that WHEN WE ARE INFORMED By Other City Departments, Ward offices or by managers/directors of our department.

    If we are not told, we don’t know; and it isn’t our fault. That Simple.

    From reading the Sun Times story there is no mention of What time of day the tickets were issued…so I can’t even comment if it was a PEA or a Ser Co Contractor.

    And the Mayor doesn’t have the Legal Authority to non-suit tickets.
    He can Request that the Department’s Street Ops Deputy Director have them non-Suited though.

  5. Ticketmaster says:

    Capt M-Plate is right. In 15 years, I haven’t wrote a funeral yet and not planning on starting to either. I really don’t buy the story that the ticket writer didn’t know. This funeral and the route was all over the news.

    It would be very interesting to see what tickets were actually issued. If it was a “parking violation” (ie: rpp, time restriction, etc) then fine, absoutely cancel the tickets out. However (I know I’m going to sound like DoR Employee), if it was a “compliance ticket” (ie: exp plates, no city sticker, etc) then why should they be cancelled.

  6. Capt M-Plate says:

    That’s a good point TM.

    Compliance tickets? Screw the vehicle owners in that case.

    If the news agency had been on the ball they would have reported the Type of Violations being written.

  7. Juvenal says:

    Oh, and when those Compliance tickets take photos, are they licensed under the private detective act? Only private detectives are authorized under to state law to take photos intended for adjudicative purposes….

  8. DoR Employee says:

    A Motor Vehicle is not entitled to protection from being photographed.

    However…PEA’s are Sworn Officers in a Public Safety Position in City Employment.

    We are not required to have a warrant to take our picture of a Car/Truck/Van Plate because the City Says So.

  9. JustSayin... says:

    Majority of the tickets that were written were for expired plates and no city stickers

  10. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Just Sayin,

    I had a suspicion that this might be the case–or at least the case for some of these alleged tickets.

    While I understand that it may have been lawful for the tickets to be issued, perhaps it was not prudent to issue perfectly legitimate tickets to people engaged in a very emotional event.

    What it signals to people mourning the death of a young man who gave his life protecting our country, is that the City of Chicago feels issuing parking tickets aka generating revenue, is more important than showing respect for the life of this Marine.

    Certainly, it is emotion over law and perhaps reason. But, the emotion surrounding human death can be quite strong and overpower reason and logic.

    The prudent action would have been for ticket writers to move to less emotionally charged pastures.

  11. 019 District Cop says:


    Apparently in this City, anywhere any vehicle is parked it is an Emotionally Charged Location.

    Just ask the stupid soccer mom that gets a ticket from me for parking in a Tow Zone for their Dry Cleaning. Or the CTA employee that threw their car on a Hydrant to grab Starbucks. Or in a Bus Stop during Rush Hour because they need to take little Jose/Tommy/Sally to School.

  12. Juvenal says:

    The Private detective agency act only exempts “police officers” properly defined.

  13. 019 District Cop says:

    Nice try Juvenal..

    We live and work in Chicago Illinois…

    Under the 1979 Home Rule Clause Constitutional Amendment, Public Safety/Police Officers are allowed to collect any and all evidence that is in the Public Way to support any and all charges in regards to motor vehicles.

  14. OIF Vet says:

    Geek, money was, is and will always be more important in this country than honoring the fallen and taking care of the maimed.

  15. DoR Employee says:


    And if It is raining, the grass will be wet.

    When the city decriminalized parking/compliance citations in 1990, that point was made quite clearly.

    The fact remain that a compliance ticket isn’t a parking violation. It is the driver/ owner of the vehicle being lazy/scoff/forgetful. 95% of the compliance tickets the city issues daily are also state vehicle code violations, and not just city sticker tickets.

  16. OIF Vet says:

    DoR Employee, I agree and personally think that no one should be getting a pass just because. I was making a general point, the fact is last october veteran benefits were on the chopping block because our esteemed congress critters took it upon themselves to suggest we vets have sacrificed in the past and won’t mind sacrificing again in the name of low taxes for the struggling job creator persons on wall street. They actually said so in a signed bipartisan letter. After all its not like the maimed vets need medical care and disability income…

  17. Debillw3 says:

    The article doesn’t say that Rahm ordered the tickets voided. It says that when word got back to his office, the PEAs were ordered to stand down and the tickets voided.

    It doesn’t say who ordered that.

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