Cell Phone Ban Passes Illinois House 62-53

Soon, all Illinois drivers may have to use a hands free device to make a cell phone call while driving.

The Illinois House of Representatives passed HB3972 62-53 Thursday, a bill which would make it a violation to place a phone call hold a cellphone to your ear with one hand while driving with the other, according to the Bloomington Pantagraph newspaper.

The bill is much like the cell phone ban Chicago already has in place. The main difference would be that state law would make the behavior a moving violation. That’s unlike Chicago which treats it more like a parking or red light camera ticket so the violation doesn’t go on your driving record.

The bill now moves on to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

Here’s the Bloomington Pantagraph’s full story, “Illinois House OKs cellphone ban for drivers.”

5 Responses to Cell Phone Ban Passes Illinois House 62-53

  1. John says:

    Is it still allowed to use a cassette adapter with an ipod?

  2. LEhorn says:

    Follow the money! Look who Munoz has to please to get re-elected… http://www.followthemoney.org/database/StateGlance/candidate.phtml?c=116881

  3. BXK says:

    Great. That will work. Make it illegal, huge fine, and assign moving points. I’m surrrrreee that will work.

    What then about the makeup, cheeseburgers, reading newspapers, taking notes, picking noses, and all other such things?

    No. Lets focus safety only on “speeding” (which isn’t actually dangerous due to too-low limits) and “distracted driving” that consists only of things done with cell phones.

    Make everyone a criminal. Oh, and fine (I mean tax) them while at it.

  4. DoR Employee says:

    Personally think it is about damn time it was a Mover and not treated like a parking ticket (no insurance/points on license)…

    In this day and age….if you don’t have a Hands Free ability with your Cell….Stop carrying one.

  5. DoR Employee says:

    Geek…Do something about this background…

    To be able to see the Names of the Posters, I have to Click and Highlight them.

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