When Will The City Sticker Story Finally Die?

It’s not like there are people are dying in the world or that we’re well into an election year or there are major tensions currently in the Middle East.

But the media’s preoccupation with this damn city sticker design controversy seems to be defying logic.

Not only was it a big deal locally, but it’s gone national as well. MSNBC and Time magazine covered it as well as other media far and wide.

Now CNN’s Anderson Cooper weighs in on the subject with highly critical rhetoric aimed at City Clerk Susana Mendoza. Of course, always the reliable outpost of objective journalism, CNN’s report conveniently left out the mountain of evidence connecting the design and the artist to actual gang activity.

Finally, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has gotten hold of the issue and with the help of Trib political cartoon artist Scott Santis designed their own version of what they think this year’s city sticker should look like.

Check out their artwork and Kass’s column today, “This sticker is worth a thousand words.”

One Response to When Will The City Sticker Story Finally Die?

  1. Icarus says:

    Imagine there’s a darwin or goofball award for cities out there. Chicago is doing its best to not only win it year after year but to also receive a lifetime acheivement award.

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