Speed Cameras Generating Big Bucks For Washington D.C.

Perhaps this explains Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s keen interest in speed camera enforcement.

According to the Daily Caller, Washington D.C., using just 28 speed cameras, generated almost $34 million in gross revenue for the city in 2011. That’s over a million bucks per camera.

Perhaps, not coincidentally current Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein spent just under two years as Transportation Director for the District of Columbia before being tapped by Mayor Emanuel to run CDOT last May.

Revenue from a potential Chicago speed camera program could generate even more.

Mayor Emmanuel should know by Monday if Governor Pat Quinn will sign or veto the speed camera bill as it is the last day before the bill would automatically become law without action by the governor. The bill is facing substantial public opposition according to the Governor’s office.

Here’s the Daily Caller’s full report, “Daily Caller investigation: DC speed-camera program a cash cow, mayor claims ignorance.”

4 Responses to Speed Cameras Generating Big Bucks For Washington D.C.

  1. Bicycle Bob says:

    Unlike taxes, this cost can be avoided: don’t speed.

  2. dio says:

    I think we should ticket every pre-election promise every politician makes that he doesn’t keep, we will feel the budget gap pretty fast

  3. dio says:

    ..that was “fill” : )

  4. Pete says:

    Bicycle Bob, I can’t wait until the cameras can ticket bikes.

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