“It’s All About The Children” The Video

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

Here’s NBC 5′s coverage of the Chicago speed camera bill getting signed into law by Governor Quinn. Of course, Gov. Quinn and everyone else at the press conference tow the company line and explain how the $50 and $100 fines is all about saving children’s lives.

Here’s NBC 5′s full story, “

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

“>Gov. Quinn Signs Chicago Speed Camera Bill.”

10 Responses to “It’s All About The Children” The Video

  1. glg says:

    is it my machine or is the video just playing like a second and then stopping for others?

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    That’s the link I have. I copied the embed code correctly–at least I think so. I’ll check it.

  3. m walp says:

    What? The speed bumps don’t work? They are cheaper to install, and never malfunction. Shouldn’t we be concerned about safety 24/7, not just for the kids? Oh, wait! They don’t generate money for our Very Straight and Honest City Officials to waste!

  4. glg says:

    m walp – what speed bumps?

  5. cr says:

    We need these speed cameras cause there is mayhem in the streets around schools and parks. There are hundreds, no thousands of kids getting hit by cars and dying every week. without the speed cameras your kid should not walk to school for fear of getting hit. maybe we should just ban vehicles within the 1/8 mile vicinity of schools and parks. and we should make car manufacturers produce cars with a top speed of 25 mph. this would cut down many accidents. and someone mentioned speed bumps, the city should put a speed bumps spaced 100 ft between each other on every street within five mile of a school or park. that would save many children.

  6. DoR Employee says:

    glg is right.

    A small percentage of streets have speed bumps in the residential neighborhoods in Chicago.

    And what about the Main Streets that have schools on them…Like say Damen or Ashland or Division or Michigan or State or Dearborn or Western or 95th or 115th or 100th?

    Can’t put Speed bumps on them..

    Speed cameras are in My Personal Opinion, a GOOD IDEA for 2 reasons…:

    1. Convince people to slow the hell down while driving and leave earlier if you have an appointment to get to.

    2. Revenue Generation

    A Point if I may…

    Since Speeding Tickets are an Illinois Vehicle Code Violation Citation, they can only Legally be Processed by Law Enforcement Officers.

    THUS: The OEMC/City Hall/CPD is going to be Required by State LAW to have 3 shifts of Sworn Officers (probably Light Duty or Medical) that review and certify the tickets before they can be mailed to the Vehicle Owner. They are also going to have to Pay to have the cameras Calibrated every few months to ensure no Loss in Accuracy.

    There is also going to be no way to beat these tickets, because you either have to Prove that you were not the Driver or you have to eat it. Cause you’d have to Give up the Name of the Person that was Driving the Vehicle when the Speed Camera was tripped to enforce.

  7. DoR Employee says:

    Oh yeah…one other thing no one else has seemed to mention…

    Failure to Pay a Parking or RLC ticket isn’t a ‘big deal’ in Chicago.

    By State Law, failure to Pay a Speeding Ticket can result in :

    License Suspension
    Arrest Warrant for Failure to Appear

  8. Pete says:

    The tickets will not be reviewed in any meaningful sense of the word, unless the review consists solely of making sure the license plate is legible so they know who to send the ticket to.

    Rahm does not exactly believe in following the law to the letter when it comes to him and his money making schemes. Just watch, speed cameras will soon start popping up in places where the law doesn’t permit them and the courts won’t do shit about it.

  9. Mike says:

    Keep voting for Quinn and Rahm if you can afford to drive around!!! The city, county, and state are going down the drain but hey, maybe we will drive less.

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