City Sticker Winners Honored At City Hall

Herbert Pulgar poses with his winning city sticker artwork

Herbie Pulgar was four when a candle caught his shirt on fire, burning a good portion of his body.

“I was all on fire and I was all burnt up,” explained this year’s winner of the City Clerk’s annual city sticker design contest. “My mom and the firefighters saved my life and I’m thankful for that right now.”

Pulgar spoke of his earliest first hand experience with the fire department during a short speech at City Hall Thursday morning after receiving his $1000 saving bond for his winning design honoring firefighters, policemen and all of Chicago’s first responders.

“It’s so coincidental that our grand prize winner has this background,” said City Clerk Susana Mendoza about Pulgar.

Pulgar, a freshman at Lawrence Hall Youth Services, is the third student from the school to win the city sticker design contest.

Lawrence Hall art teacher Janice Gould has used the annual contest as a project for her the kids in her art classes.

“It is a great teaching tool,” says Gould of the contest.

Second place winner Caitilin Henehan, a senior at Resurrection High School, was awarded a $500 savings bond and third place winner Dan Caddigan, a senior from Brother Rice High School won a $250 savings bond. The remaining seven finalists were awarded $100 savings bonds.

Pulgar’s award winning design will begin to appear on the windshields of  1.3 million Chicago cars and trucks this spring and that gets the young artist excited.

“Before I did this no one knew me,” says Pulgar. “Now people know me. No one really recognized me before. I wanted attention and now I got it.”

3 Responses to City Sticker Winners Honored At City Hall

  1. Michelle says:

    You need to get real thats all you ppl think about don’t look at someone’s past!!!! It’s an awesome pic the one yoyr going to use is stupid looking I’M GLAD I DONT LIVE IN CHICAGO. And give him the REWARD he earned it just cause some ppl can’t look past stupid it’s not his fault. Michelle

  2. [...] a local news station that he was just trying to honor the police, firefighters, and paramedics who saved his life when his shirt caught on fire and burned a significant portion of his body when he was just four [...]

  3. [...] native Herbert Pulgar was a survivor. When he was 4 years old, a candle set his shirt on fire and burned most of his stomach. If the first responding firefighters and police officers hadn’t saved him, Pulgar would not [...]

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